How Do You Know Online Casino Games are Fair?

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Our Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus may be unique and our selection of casino games breath taking.  That’s a given – but how do you know the games are fair?  You can take our word for it…  Or you can get a detailed account of the checks and balances in place so you get the gambling experience you deserve!

Who is Responsible for the Integrity of Online Casino Games? 

One of the first things we need to clarify relates to exactly who is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the casino games.  At Juicy Stakes Casino we do not design or develop the games.  We instead supply a vast range of games by a variety of top software developers for you to enjoy on an online or mobile platform.  We are obviously responsible for facilitating the financial transactions in and out of your casino account. 

We are also the team that comes up with all the great player perks and incentives – the welcome bonus, the cashback bonus, the free cash and free spins bonus and the one of a kind Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  The only role we play when it comes to the casino games is to ensure the gaming software integrates seamlessly with the Juicy Stakes platform.  Other than that, we are essentially ‘hands-off’ when it comes to the functionality and outcome of the games.

Number Crunchers, Algorithms and the RNG 

If Juicy Stakes is not accountable for transparency and fairness, who or what is?  Well, the easy answer is ‘the game developers’.  They are the front-end creatives behind the animations and graphics.  At the back end, it is the mathematicians and coders who hold sway. 

One of the key tasks of the chief number crunchers is to develop unique algorithms that generate a seemingly infinite set of random numbers.  It is these randomised numerical codes the determine every action within a game – be it the outcome of the throw of the dice or the results produced by the spin of the reels. 

Pre-Determined Payout Odds   

What is more, the developers come up with the payout odds.  These odds determine exactly how much you can win when you play a particular casino game – and by association how much you can boost your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus by.  

The best developers publish the theoretical payout percentages of the games somewhere on the gaming interface, most often the ‘rules’ page.  Some even post the previous month’s average return to player (RTP).  That of course is a helpful statistic when you are trying to find the games that have paid out frequently over the past four weeks.

Who Regulates the Game Developers? 

Right, we now know game developers use secure mathematical algorithms to create random outcomes.  We also know they develop the odds based on the average payout rate.  That of course begs the question; how do you know the game developers haven’t rigged the results? 

Well, first off, rigging the games would not materially benefit the developers as it is the casino that manages the financial aspects of gambling.  Unless there is a grand conspiracy between casinos and software companies - which there is so not - it is highly unlikely anybody in their right mind would tamper with the games… and here is why.

Testing for Fairness is Outsourced 

To ensure they get a profitable market share, iGaming software companies obviously have to build a reputation.  As a result, the most successful vendors go out of their way to prove the legitimacy of the random number generators (RNGs) they use to drive the gaming outcomes.  How do they do that?  They apply for certification from third party testing agencies that specialise in testing the authenticity and fairness of the algorithms.

Betsoft Gaming’s RNG, for instance, is evaluated and certified by Quinel, an independent testing agency that has been around for a decade or more.  World Match uses several testing and certification bodies that include NMI Metrology and BMM Testlabs.  What that effectively means is every time you bet on Betsoft Gaming or World Match slots, video poker variants or table games at Juicy Stakes Casino, you are guaranteed fairness.  You are also one step closer to fulfilling your quest for a real money Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

Independently Audited Odds  

That covers the RNG.  How about the odds?  Are they a true reflection of the payout percentages?  Here again, the question of authenticity and fairness is outsourced to the agencies that specialise in providing technical and regulatory compliance to the gaming industry.  Organisations and regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Gaming Labs International (GLI) and the Danish Gaming Authority audit the win percentages of individual games to ensure they match the published odds.  

With those sorts of assurances, it is safe to say fairness is essentially a non-issue… but only when you play at a properly licensed and regulated casino that offers games by the most trusted names in the industry.  Juicy Stakes Casino is licensed by the government of Curacao, regulated by Curacao eGaming and features games by world renowned game development brands.  That of course confirms that we are your best bet!

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