Worldmatch Top Games

Worldmatch Top Games

Looking for some game suggestions, check out these two popular World Match Slot games.

These were the most popular games during the month of July. You can find these games under our World Match Tab in the Juicy Stakes Download Client, Instant Play or Mobile Casino. 

Hercules, one of the greatest ancient heroes and demigod is the protagonist of this 5-reel, 3-row Slot that boasts detailed graphics and great 3D animations.
Hercules slays the Hydra, captures the Cretan bull, brings back Cerberus and performs many other deeds, but on the top of all this, he also rewards the players by multiplying their bets in a stunning Bonus Game.
Themed sounds and an engaging background music recreate the atmosphere of his most epic adventures.

The dragon's lair hides the most amazing treasure ever discovered, but in order to lay hands on them, the valiant warrior needs to defeat the ferocious beast who guards the cave!
Players will experience all the thrill of the ultimate battle to defeat the invincible dragon thanks to the perfect mix of 3D animations, sound and music. The game experience is made even more rewarding by innovative features that characterize this slot, making it unique.