The Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory - $500 GTD

Get ready for a new tournament in our already busy Juicy Stakes schedule!

The Chocolate Factory

We want our tournaments to entertain our players and enable them to win some nice bucks, but we also want to introduce them to interesting places and countries – in live-tournaments, as well as online.

This time it’s all about a little mountain country in the heart of Europe, Switzerland. This country is famous for a lot of interesting things which you may have already heard about. According to studies it’s one of the happiest places to live in, it is a land of lakes and home of the Alps, it has a special square flag, it has more banks than dentists, it is home of famous inventions like absinthe, cellophane, muesli, LSD, the Helvetica Font or the Swiss Army Knife – and above all, Switzerland is home to the most famous and delicious chocolates in the world!

With that in mind it’s not a big surprise that besides being a major Swiss export, chocolate is loved by its citizens too. The Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world, a record of around 11kg per year per capita. They also invented techniques like conching and tempering to perfect the art of chocolate making – and yes, we love Swiss chocolate too!

So if your mouth is already watering, then you had better get ready to play! Our Chocolate Factory is running Monday to Saturday at 1:15pm Eastern, with $500 guaranteed prize money to fight for.

Tournament details:

To register, open the Juicy Stakes lobby, click 'Poker' > 'Tournaments' > 'Events'> 'The Chocolate Factory'

The Chocolate Factory - $500 GTD
Texas Hold'em NL
running Monday to Saturday
starting at: 1:15pm Eastern (7:15pm CEST)
buy-in: $8+$0.80

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