At Juicy Stakes we reward player with a free withdrawal per month!

To qualify for your free withdrawal just accumulate the required net rake (*Gross Rake minus **Rakeback and ***Bonuses) during the month and your withdrawal will be processed free of charge.

There is no need to notify us, once you have qualified for a free withdrawal upon making your request, your account will be audited during our three days processing period (business days only) and we will notify you via e-mail once your withdrawal has been processed. 

Net rake requirement by withdrawal option.

Checks - $50 for withdrawal requests ranging $250 - $1000.

Direct Bank Transfer- $60 for withdrawal request ranging $210 - $2560.

Terms and conditions:

  • Juicy Stakes Poker reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate the promotion and/or these terms at any time, without notice (written or verbal) where it is reasonable to do so or for reasons beyond the our control. Juicy Stakes Poker does not accept any responsibility or liability for any late or undelivered entries or registrations, notifications or communications or for any form of technical failure, error, malfunction or difficultly or for any other event beyond its reasonable control that may cause the operation of the promotion to be disrupted, unavailable or incorrect.
  • Players are eligible for one free withdrawal per month only.
  • Players can only receive a free withdrawal within the month they accumulated the required net rake.
  • Juicy Stakes Poker management decisions are final.


*Total rake accumulated over a particular period.

**Percentage of rake paid back to players.

***Any released bonuses on player's account.