At Juicy Stakes, we believe in transparency and rewarding our players for their loyalty and dedication.

We've listened to your valuable feedback, and today, we're excited to unveil an exciting feature - "Bonus Animation"!

The Problem We Solved:

We understand that players often miss out on seeing their hard-earned rewards because they are processed in the background. You might not know when you've earned a Gold Chip, received a cash payout, moved up a level in the Loyalty Program, or received other bonuses. This lack of visibility can be frustrating.

Introducing Bonus Animation:

Now, with our "Bonus Animation," you'll never miss out on your rewards again! Whenever you earn a reward, a captivating animated notification will instantly appear on the poker table while you play. Experience the thrill of seeing your achievements in real-time, right where it matters most - on the poker table!

Unveiling Rewards as You Play:

The "Bonus Animation" will pop up on the table, ensuring you notice your hard-earned bonuses while enjoying your game. It's our way of showing you the value you're getting by being a part of the Juicy Stakes family and encouraging you to keep playing

Seamless and Convenient:

Worried about missing notifications when you're away from the table? Don't be! Our smart system will display any unseen notifications generated within the last 10 minutes, so you won't miss a single reward. It's especially helpful for those who use bonus codes, as you'll see when the bonus is added and receive your bonus code chips or tournament tickets associated with it.

Where to Find the Excitement:

You'll see the animated notifications in two key areas on the table - the top right and the bottom left. These strategic locations ensure you never overlook your rewards while focusing on your gameplay.

Bonus animation