It's time to take your seat at a poker table!

Am I able to play poker for free before I begin playing for real money?

Juicy Stakes is pleased to offer play money games to allow players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our software, and the game of poker. To locate our play tables, select "Ring Games" at the top of the lobby screen, followed by "Play Money". By selecting "All", you'll be able to view all our play money table offerings. You may filter the list further by clicking on a specific game type.

How many play-money chips do I start with?

You will be given 1,000 play money chips to start. If at any time your play chip count drops below 1,000, simply click on the Dealer's tray and your stack will be refreshed.

How do I make notes on a player?

When you are at a table, there is a "Note" tab located on the bottom left of the game screen. This feature allows you to make notes on any opposing players by selecting the desired player from the drop down menu (all players seated at your table will appear in your selection). From there, you simply need to type in any comments you wish to make and they will stick with that player regardless of any Player ID changes they may make. In addition to the notes, you are able to apply a color coded label identifying the type of player that they are.

How do I know if Notes have been made on a player?

If you see a small color box in the right hand corner of an opposing player's nameplate, there are already notes available to you from a previous entry. This is quite handy since Juicy Stakes allows players to frequently adjust their Player ID.

How can I check the outcome of a hand I was in?

The "Last Hand" button is located below the current hand number and can be clicked to provide an immediate review of the previous hand. You will also find the Hand History in text format (only if you are using our download version), in the folder where you installed Juicy Stakes located within your personal computer files.

Poker Room Etiquette

What are the rules concerning chat at the tables?

Players using offensive language on the chat tool will be subject to a chat warning or a revocation of their chat privileges. Chat that is not permitted on Juicy Stakes includes (but is not limited to) profanity, begging, solicitation, chat flooding and advertising. Please note that Juicy Stakes allows only English chat.

Can I block chat?

There are a few means of removing chat from your game. If you'd like to mute the entire table, simply adjust your Chat in the drop down menu by selecting, 'Dealer Only'. Alternatively, you can block out chat player by player. To do this, go to the 'Notes' tab in the bottom left corner of the table screen, select the specific player from the drop down listing and choose 'ignore'.