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Max Quest Wrath of Ra

Max Quest

Get ready for the ultimate adventure in our Brand new Betsoft game!

Join our brave adventures in the tomb of the Pharaohs where action, adventure and most importantly treasures are waiting around every corner.  This casino game gives you the experience of a roll playing game as well as a first person shooter all in one.

This game provides a totally different way of wagering than what you are used to with normal slots.  Here the aim is to fire Bullets at the enemy targets displayed on the screen.  You aim by pointing the mouse cursor at the enemy and then left click to fire. Each Bullet Fired counts as a wager; once the targeted enemy is defeated you receive a reward.  Each enemy has the chance of giving you 1 out of 7 random rewards ranging from a small to a large reward.

No need to worry about missing your shot. Once you miss an enemy the bullet will ricochet around the screen until it hits an enemy; if there are no enemies displayed the wager is returned to the player. At the end of the round all unused bullets are returned to the players balance and any unused weapons are converted to a bonus Ammo prize.

When it comes to the enemies they come in all shapes and sizes and the bigger the enemy the bigger the reward. But the fun does not stop there; you are given the chance to earn bigger rewards when the Special enemies are on the screen.  Once the “Fire enemies” or the “God Event” enemies hit the stage, players have a chance of winning much higher rewards!

There’s no way you won’t enjoy this new take on casino games!