Enjoy the upgraded version of the classic fruit machine in our new Betsoft slot, Total Overdrive!

Total Overdrive

Our newest slot by Betsoft will take our players into the futuristic version of the classic fruit slot game, where they can experience the classic features that they love with a futuristic twist!

The classic fruit slot machine is one of the most famous casino games out there. The different symbols such as the sevens, cherry and the watermelon are reminiscent of land-based casinos. Our players still love to see these symbols pop up while playing, as it makes them feel as if they’re right in Las Vegas! In this day and age we no longer see as many of these types of slots due to the advancements in graphics and technology, but with this new slot we are giving you the best of both worlds!

Total Overdrive comes with few features that are sure to get you playing. This game offers you traditional features such as wilds and multipliers, but sends them into overdrive with a unique twist like the sticky multiplier. These features guarantee you have a great time playing!

The Total Overdrive Wild feature is similar to traditional Wilds in that it replaces all other symbols, however, in this awesome slot if you get 3 Wilds it will award you a 3x win! Now that is taking things into Overdrive!

Next, we have the Overdrive Multiplier. This is truly a special feature and can be considered the heart of this game. With every winning spin the multiplier will increase and will continue to increase with every consecutive win, with no upper limit! That’s right: Nonstop increases with every win.

Finally, we have the Sticky Multiplier. Now you may have thought that the Overdrive Multiplier was great already, but what if we told you it could become sticky? Well it can! This feature can re-trigger, pushing the multiplier level and win potential into real overdrive!

This great slot will be with us on the 13th of February. Be the first to take your fun into overdrive!