Spinfinity Man

Up, up and away! Into our new Betsoft slot Spinfinity Man!

Spinfinity Man

Join our brave new hero Spinfinity Man as he uses all his power to fight against the evil Mr. X and defend the city of Metropolis! Have you ever wanted to move faster than a speeding bullet? To leap a building in a single bond? How about shooting laser beams or freeze rays? Well now you can! This fantastic slot gives every play the experience of being a superhero!

Spinfinity Man is more than just another slot - it is a super slot, no pun intended. This 7-reel cluster pay slot comes with everything a hero will need. Use your superpowers with every combo, feel the love and admiration with the fan girl rewards, and take on your arch nemesis Mr. X in an awesome free-spin boss battle that they will make movies about! And don’t forget you can double your winnings with your secret weapon, your utility belt!

What is a superhero without superpowers? When the Spinfinity Man symbol appears on the reels you activate one of his superpowers! Burn away columns and rows with your laser eye beams, shatter clusters of symbols with your Icy blast and remove any single symbol from the reels with your telepathy, give those villains something to be scared of.

Now that you have your arch nemesis Mr. X on the run, stay hot on his trail! When a Mr. X symbol appears on the reel it will advance the villain trail. Once you complete the villain trail and catch Mr. X you will activate the free-spins bonus round and give yourself 10 free spins. But wait, there is more: Once you have caught him, you have to defeat him.  During this round the Spinfinity Man symbol becomes the Mr. X symbol and you have to watch out because he has some tricks up his sleeve. His laser arm cannon will burn away two rows or columns, the destruction bomb will blow up small clusters, and he can zap all symbols of a single type on the reels with his X-ray, but have no fear! With every Mr. X symbol that appears you get an additional free spin. Now that’s justice!

If you are ever in need of extra strength, reach into your utility belt to double your power, with the double-up game. Flip a coin and let your powers flow for a super win. Your winnings and the safety of the city rest in the hands of fate.

A hero’s work is never done, and so after you have bested the villains and saved the city, you can’t leave without a few pictures with your biggest fan. With every cluster explosion your biggest fan gets excited, but when you explode 6 clusters in a single spin you activate the fan girl feature where you trigger extra cascades and random symbols will explode for instant wins.

This amazing new slot game is coming on the 14th of June, so don’t forget your cape, we’re going to need a hero!