Gold Canyon!

Saddle up for our new Betsoft slot Gold Canyon!

Gold Canyon!

This awesome new slot by Betsoft will take our players to the American frontier during a period called the Wild West! This time was filled with cowboys and outlaws, miners and prospectors and just about anyone who was looking to make their fortune. So if you are looking for a pistol-shooting, horse-riding, treasure-hunting good time, then you are in the right place.

After the discovery of gold in California in 1848 the American West accelerated its expansion. Prospectors and miners by the thousands headed west to explore every region in search of wealth!  The discovery of gold was a key factor that helped shape America. However, as many fortunes were made there were also many losses. The booming wealth in the West also attracted outlaws who were willing to do anything to get their hands on a piece of this fortune.

Gold Canyon comes with a few features that are sure to get our players excited. From the Hero Wilds to the Scatter Pays and Frontier Free Spins, this dynamite new take on traditional 5x3 video slots will blow you away.

There were many outlaws in the West that did many things they were not proud of, but some of them were not beyond redemption. A cowboy with a dark past has come to protect the people of Gold Canyon from outlaws, expanding to take up the reels giving the outlaws no chance. The Hero wilds will run the outlaws out of town and give you the chance to generate several big wins!

No miner in the West was complete without his trusted dynamite in his search for gold and in this slot they help to give you some explosive wins! The stacks of dynamite explode when three or more are bundled together. When they go off, the blast triggers a gold rush of scatter pays.

When the dynamite goes off you may not see the gold at first, but just dig a little deeper to find your big win! You will get a free spin for ever bundle of dynamite that goes off! Now that is a bang for your buck.

This awesome slot game is coming on the 26th of July, so dust off your spurs and saddle up!