Tournament Types & Features

Juicy Stakes poker tournaments come all shapes and sizes. Whatever you’re looking for in a poker tournament, chances are we’ve got it running.


If more than one table is needed to accommodate the number of registered players in a tournament, it is known as a multi-table tournament. During a Multi-table tournament, as players are eliminated, players will be moved randomly from one table to another in order to keep the number of players at each table as balanced as possible. Although we try to be fair and move players in relation to their position with the dealer button, a player may end up moving from their blinds and move to a blind position again.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go tournaments are events that do not have a scheduled start time. They start when the needed number of registered players is reached. When the prearranged number of competitors is reached each participant is notified that the tournament is about to start. Example: A No Limit Hold’em one table Sit & Go will start as soon as ten players are registered.


When a contest is between 2 players only, it is referred to as Heads-up. Heads-up Shoot-out tournaments are a good way to improve your winning game, as you will end up facing one opponent most of the time to win any tournament. The rules are the same with Heads-up play with the exception that the player with the "dealer button" posts the small blind and will act first pre-flop then last for the remainder of the hand. The player who posts the big blind is dealt first.

Re-buy & Add-on Tournament

Some tournaments allow for players to conditionally Re-buy & Add-on during a predetermined time period in the tournament. They allow for players to continue in the tournament and still have the opportunity to win the tournament for a Re-buy or with one available Add-on. Re-buy & Add-on tournaments are a great way to increase the prize pool and the number of players who will qualify for prizes. All Re-buys & Add-on monies are included in the prize pool.


In a Freeze-out tournament players make a single Buy-in and upon losing all their chips, will be eliminated from the tournament. As players become eliminated the tables are combined with other tables until there is a final table and ultimately there is one player left with all the chips.


A Shoot-out tournament consists of a limited number of players competing on different tables. In round 1, players compete until there is one player left at each table with all the chips. In round 2 the winners from round 1 are then combined at other tables and they again play until there is one player left with all the chips. A Shoot-out tournament can have between two (Heads-up) to ten players on each table competing over 1 or more rounds. The number of rounds and players per table varies and can be found in the tournament lobby.


Satellite tournaments are events where prizes are entries into other larger tournaments. A satellite could award the winner(s) entries into other satellites. All satellite tournaments end when all players have won or qualified for their prizes.


Juicy Stakes regularly offers tournaments that require no Buy-in or registration fees, no risks or conditions. These true freerolls are our way of giving back to our players.

Gold Chip or Gold Card Buy-ins

At Juicy Stakes, we reward every player. Gold Chips and Gold Cards, earned through Juicy Stake's Reward Program, are used as the buy-in currency for our Reward tournaments. All Gold Card and Gold Chip events are housed under the Gold tab within Tournaments and offer cash and prizes.