Loyalty Levels

Rewards Program

Loyalty Levels is our instant rewards program that awards players cash for earning Frequent Player Points.

Loyalty Levels

Just as there is a designated number of FPPs to earn per tier, there's a designated number of tiers to complete to advance a level. As you climb through all 50 Loyalty Levels you'll be completing multiple tiers before advancing, and of course, collecting multiple rewards within each level.

The Basics

  • Each level has a set number of tiers within it. Lower levels start with one and increase as you progress to higher levels.
  • Complete all the tiers in a level to advance to the next level.
  • Every tier you complete pays out according to what level you are. The higher the level you're at, the more you make.
  • Once you make it to a Loyalty Level, it's difficult to fall back. The only way you will go backwards is if you fail to earn enough FPPs over the course of two back-to-back months. In that case, you will be returned to level 10. You will NEVER lose a level if you are under level 11.

Turbo Tiers

  • We reward you every time you complete a tier, no matter how long it takes you. However, the faster you complete a tier the more rewards you'll reap with Turbo and Super Turbo Bonuses.