Frequent Player Points

How do I earn FPPs?

Players earn Frequent Player Points for both their Poker and Casino play here at Juicy Stakes.

Loyalty Levels

As we've mentioned before, Juicy Stakes rewards are all designed to put money into your pockets because a wealthy player is a happy player and we want to make sure you’re happy when playing at Juicy Stakes.

We reward our players with frequent player points (FPPs) for all our cash poker ring games and tournaments, as well as selected Juicy Casino games. Betsoft games as well as all the other providers award 0.03 FPP per wagered $(except for Video Poker and Table Games which do not award any FPPs). Except WorldMatch games award 0.03-0.05 FPP per wagered $(except for Table Games which do not award any FPPs). And Tangente games award 0.03 FPP per wagered $.

Poker Ring Games » Earn 1 FPP for every $1 raked.
Poker Tournaments » Earn 7 FPP for every $1 in tourney fees.
Casino Slot » Earn 3 FPP for every $100 wagered.
Casino Video Poker » Earn 8 FPP for every$100 wagered.
Casino Blackjack » Earn 1 FPP for every $100 wagered.
Casino Hold'em » Earn 3.5 FPP for every $100 wagered.
Let it Ride » Earn 5 FPP for every $100 wagered.
Caribbean Stud » Earn 5 FPP for every $100 wagered.

While building up your FPPs, you'll also be building your player rewards stack including Gold Chips and Loyalty Levels. These unique and innovative reward programs give you access to free play, and access to exclusive cash and seat prize pool tourneys!

To keep tabs on your FPPs status and progress towards earning your next Gold Chip, simply check out the Rewards tab when logged in to the Juicy Stakes gaming software.

Juicy Stakes uses the ‘Dealt Rake’ model which means that any player will be included in the rake calculation for any hand that the player has been dealt cards in.

All players that are dealt cards at a cash game table will earn 1 FPP for every dollar raked during that hand on that table, even those players that have not contributed to the pot in that hand.


There are 9 players at a cash game table and all of them receive hole cards. Six of the players fold pre-flop and do not contribute to the pot at all. The other 3 players play the hand and the rake at the table gets to be $3. These $3 in rake for this hand on this table will give all 9 players 3 FPP each - even those who folded pre-flop.

This means that for $3 in rake 27 FPPs were given out in this hand (9 players each get 3 FPPs). This gives us an average FPP value of $0.11 ($3 rake /27 FPPs = 0.11).

With this calculation 100 FPPs = $11 in rake (100 FPPs x $0.11 = $11)

In tournaments players get 7 FPPs for every $1 in tournament fees they pay.


If a player registers for a tournament with a buy-in of $20+$2, the fee is the $2 and the player will receive 14 FPPs ($2 fee x 7 FPPs = 14 FPPs)

With this calculation 100 FPPs = $14.29 in rake (100 FPPs / 7 FPPs = $14.285)

ATTENTION! Rakeback players earn FPPs at a 50% rate.