Video Poker: Is the Double or Nothing Gamble a Good or Bad Bet?

Take the Double or Nothing gamble on even money pays and when you are ahead – that’s how to win at Juicy Stakes Casino!

You are playing Jacks or Better video poker at Juicy Stakes Casino.  After hitting three of a kind the Double or Nothing option pops up.  The question is do you take a chance and risk what you have already won?  That, of course, is the conundrum every player faces… so what is the best route to take?

What is the Double or Nothing Gamble in Video Poker? 

If you have played any of the single-hand video poker variants at Juicy Stakes Casino you will be familiar with Double or Nothing - a feature that is also known as the Gamble feature.  It is essentially a side bet that gives you the opportunity to double your winnings.  There is no extra stake involved and you have the option to either accept or decline the gamble.  The actual format of the Double or Nothing feature can vary according to game development brand, as we explore in more depth below.  

Video Poker by Betsoft Gaming and Tangente Games - Conventional Double or Nothing Feature 

When you play the video poker games listed under the Betsoft and Tangente tabs at Juicy Stakes Casino, the Double or Nothing feature is a recurring card-guessing game.  It consists of five cards, one dealt face up and the other four face down.  Your objective is to select a card with a face value that is higher than that of the up card.  

If you are successful in your selection, the payout for the preceding hand is automatically doubled.  You can either collect the winnings or attempt to double again - and continue to do so until you either choose the incorrect card or decide to opt out.  

Should you select a card with a lower value than that of the up card, however, you lose the previous hand’s winnings together with the original bet.  When your card matches the value of the up card, it is deemed a tie.  When that happens, your winnings remain intact and you have the option to gamble again or return to the game. 

World Match Video Poker - Magic Dice Gamble Feature

World Match on the other hand has taken a decidedly different approach in its design of the Gamble feature. Instead of using playing cards to determine whether you double or lose the payout for the previous hand, it is the roll of the dice that is key.  In this form of the single-hand side game you have four options - first three numbers, last three numbers, odd or even. 

If your selection is rolled by the ‘magic’ dice, you hit paydirt.  If not, you lose the lot.  What is more, in the World Match iteration of the Gamble feature you only have one bite of the cherry.  What does that mean?  When you are lucky enough to double up the pay, there is no second option to gamble the winnings again.

Double or Nothing - Yes or No?  

We have determined that there are two types of gamble feature at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Now to the burning question - should you take the gamble or avoid it like the plague?  What we do know for sure is it one of the only bets at Juicy Stakes Casino that does not have a house edge.  In other words, it is essentially an even money or 50/50 bet and has the same odds as a coin toss.

Based on that information, the double or nothing bet is theoretically one of the best bets at Juicy Stakes Casino.  That does not imply you should always take the gamble.  The moderate and strategic use of the option can pay dividends though. 

What do we mean by strategic use?  One tactic that works well is to only gamble the winnings for the low paying hands, such as three of kind, two pair and jacks or better.  Another is to gamble on all pays but only when you are ahead in the game. 

At the end of the day it all depends on your aversion to risk.  If you are willing to forfeit 20 x, 30 x or 40 x the wager paid out for a straight, flush or full house, that is essentially up to you.  The high rollers at Juicy Stakes Casino think nothing of gambling the mega money prizes generated by four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush!  Would you? 

The Verdict  

The intelligent and strategic use of the Double of Nothing feature in video poker can be a boon to players.  The trick is to decide exactly how much you are willing to forfeit before you start playing the game - be it Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or Bonus Poker. 

A sensible approach is to gamble the even money pays and not get carried away when you do happen to double more than once.

You now have all the facts, figures and tips pertaining to the Gamble feature in video poker.  All that is left for you to do is register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino, hit the All Games button and load one of several video poker variants onto your PC or phone. 

The moment you achieve a winning poker hand you will have the opportunity to try your luck with a zero-edge bet.  It is a bet that is as rare as hen’s teeth right here at Juicy Stakes Casino - and all other online and B&M gambling destinations for that matter… all the more reason to take it!