Understanding the Terms in Blackjack


Juicy Stakes Casino is a veritable blackjack paradise.  In fact, we've got more than 12 versions of the popular card game that you can load onto your gambling device right now.  The game mechanics of blackjack are pretty simple, but understanding the terminology is key to winning more games than you lose.

How do you maximise your chances of winning a few dollars when you play blackjack at Juicy Stakes?  By understanding the rules of course.  The first step to beating the dealer is getting to grips with exactly what you can and can’t do to achieve your goal.  That is when terms like surrender, insurance, double down and resplit are bandied about.  If you do not fully understand what these terms mean… you could be on a hiding to nothing.

Get Blackjack Info on Tap at Juicy Stakes Casino 

At Juicy Stakes Casino we believe in equipping our players with the information required to have fruitful gaming experiences.  That is exactly why many of our blackjack games feature basic strategies, along with intelligible rules and brief explanations of the moves you can make during game play.  Finding this information however does take time and effort.  It involves opening a blackjack game in your browser, clicking on the help icon or question mark on the gaming interface and reading through the fine print.  In the interests of our players, we have created a glossary of the universally accepted blackjack terms that are not only used at Stakes Casino but at gambling destinations world-wide.

Basic Blackjack Glossary 

Here are the terms that you should familiarise yourself with if you are serious about playing blackjack:

Ante bet - you have probably heard the term ‘anteing up’ in poker.  Well it can refer to blackjack too.  Anteing up is a reference to the ante bet or the initial wager a player makes to get the game going.  In the Betsoft developed blackjack games featured at Juicy Stakes, the value of the ante bet ranges from $1 to $500!

Blackjack - we all know the aim of blackjack is to create a hand that equals 21.  When the first two cards you are dealt is an Ace and a 10 or an Ace and a face card, however, that is called a Natural Blackjack and you are paid out at odds of 3:2.

21 - a winning hand consisting of three or more cards that totals exactly 21.  In this case, you are paid out at odds of 1:1.   

Hit - a request for another card to be dealt to your hand.  In blackjack, you can hit as many times as you want.  Having said that, there is a basic blackjack strategy that outlines exactly when to hit based on the value of the cards in your hand and the dealer’s upcard.  

Stand - the opposite to hit.  When you stand, no further cards are dealt to your hand, the dealer’s hole card is revealed and the hands are compared to determine the winner.

Split - an optional move that you can make when you are dealt a pair.  When you click the split button, the pair is split into two separate hands that you play individually.  A second wager equal in value to the ante bet is required to split.

Resplit - some of the blackjack games you can play at Stakes Casino allow you to resplit a hand.  In most cases, resplitting a pair of aces is not allowed.

Double down - when you are dealt two cards and believe one more card has the potential to put your hand in an unassailable position, you have the option to double down.  Your ante bet is automatically doubled and you are dealt one extra card.  If you beat the dealer, the winnings are obviously doubled too.

Surrender - a move that you can make when you feel your cards have no hope of winning.  It entails folding your hand and losing half your ante bet.  The surrender option is rarely available these days but you may encounter it in one of two of the blackjack variants available at Juicy Stakes Casino.

Insurance - an optional side bet that you can make when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace.  As the term suggests, you are essentially taking insurance - at a cost of half the ante bet - against the probability of the dealer achieving a Blackjack.  If that indeed does occur, you are paid out at odds of 2:1.  If it doesn’t, you lose the insurance bet and the hands are compared to determine the winner of the ante bet.

Soft hand - a two-card hand that includes an Ace.  It is known as ‘soft’ as in blackjack the Ace counts as 1 and 11.  As a result, an Ace and a 7 can total either 8 or 18 or an Ace and 3 can be 4 or 14… and so on.  A soft hand offers far more flexibility when it comes to creating a winning combination.

Hard hand - a two-card hand that does not include an Ace.  It is often used in the context of the rules when the dealer has to hit on hard 16.  In this case, the total would be derived from the likes of 8 + 8; 9 +7 and so on.  A hard hand is rigid and cannot be changed in any way.

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