Play Intergalactic Slots for Stellar Payouts

Join Juicy Stakes and play intergalactic slots – it’s the most enjoyable way of funding your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

With SpaceX launching NASA astronauts into space for the first time and Mars potentially showing signs of extra-terrestrial life, it is a good time to play intergalactic slots.  At Juicy Stakes we’ve got 3 cosmic-themed games that deliver astronomical wins… and send your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus into orbit!

Two Great Reasons to Play Cosmic Slots at Juicy Stakes  

Space may be the last frontier but the rate at which the billionaires are spending their money to conquer the cosmos, it won’t be too long before we will be vacationing on Venus.  In the meantime, there is no better way to prepare for the inevitable intergalactic forays - on Virgin SpaceAir of course - than to play real money slots.  That way you can use the winnings to seed the ticket-to-Saturn fund.  You can also bank Frequent Player Points (FPPs) which are essentially the building blocks of your very own Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

What is the best intergalactic slot at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Well in our estimation all three games are not only fabulously entertaining, they are packed with features designed to pump up the payout rate.  Here is how you can chase down some of the biggest wins in the universe and help fund your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus:

Space Blast Slot  

Octavian Gaming is one of the boutique game development brands that operates under the WorldMatch umbrella.  Notwithstanding their relative anonymity, the Octavian game developers have come up with a stellar little slot in Space Blast.  Along with cartoon-style graphics, retro rocket ships and a UFO that buzzes around above the reels, the 10 payline slot has plenty of in-game features to turn up the payout dial.

Expanding Wilds, Free Spins and Up to 8 x Multipliers

At first glance, the features appear pretty commonplace.  There is a wild astronaut that expands when the flight path of the UFO coincides with his arrival on the reels and a free spins icon that unlocks up to seven free spins.  The multiplier icon has the potential to boost line wins by up to a whopping 8 x.  There is however another, arguably more lucrative, surprise on the reels in the form of cascading symbol sets.

Cascading Symbols is Where the Value Lies 

How do the symbol cascades work in Space Blast slot?  Every time you hit a paying combination the winning symbols explode and new ones fall into place.  That means you can win multiple - and we mean multiple - times on a single bet.  With the cascading element in-play there is always something happening on the reels to convert your betting balance from red to black.  What is more, during the free spins feature the wild astronaut can randomly blast extra wilds onto the reels with his super-sized ray gun!

Why Play Space Blast Slot at Juicy Stakes?  

How about a top line win of 500 x in the base game and multipliers that really can send payouts skyrocketing into the stratosphere?  Truth be told, that all pales in significance when compared to the explosive self-sustaining symbol cascades.  Let’s not forget that every bet you make counts towards the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  We make that four good reasons to play Space Blast slot at Juicy Stakes!

Space Monsters Slot  

With Space Monsters slot you can say WorldMatch and world class in the same breath.  The graphics may not blow you away and the animations are rudimentary at best but when you look beyond pure aesthetics, there is lots of loot stacked into the equation.

Frequently Activating Free Spins with 3 x Multipliers

What you should ideally be gunning for when you play Space Monsters at Juicy Stakes is the free spins feature.  Why?  It consists of 15 free games where all wins are trebled.  What is even more edifying than banking three times the value posted on the paytable, is the frequency at which the feature is triggered. 

In our test run of Space Monsters slot we activated the free spins feature twice in a little over 50 spins.  The winnings for the free game rounds was 354 and 858.50 credits respectively.  Now that is the kind of payday to expect when you play the best online slots at Juicy Stakes!

That is not the end of the cash fiesta in Space Monsters slot.  When three bonus game icons appear on the gaming interface, you are transported to a second screen where you have to zap at least six monsters in order to win a totaliser cash prize.  Oops, we forgot to mention that the jackpot prize in the base game is an impressive 7,500 x the line bet!

Play Arrival Slot - Ramp Up the Value of the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus  

Arrival slot by Betsoft Gaming opens with a beautifully rendered cinematic clip of the storyline and that is basically the benchmark for the rest of the game.  You will meet the freaky big-brained alien Zarpov who likes to quip one liners from the base of the reels.  You will also have the opportunity to help the hero of the slot, a celebrated marine, save the space babe in an interactive bonus round.   

Amazing Animations but No Cash Bonanza! 

There are wild reels and free spins and frequent small wins typical of a low to medium variance game.  What Arrival lacks in features it more than makes up for in animation and graphics.  It is a perfect example of the extreme artistry of the Betsoft Gaming brand but don’t expect to hit paydirt any time soon - that is left to Space Blast and Space Monsters slots… and the FPP-generated Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus of course!

How does playing intergalactic slots enhance the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  We have already mentioned that every bet you make counts towards FPPs.  When the total value of the FPPs reaches a certain level, they automatically morph into Gold Chips.  What’s the big deal about Gold Chips?  They can be converted into cash - only at Juicy Stakes!  It really is as simple as that!