Online Caribbean Poker Guide – Tips, Tactics and Progressive Variations

Take the optional progressive side bet, play Caribbean Stud like a pro and beat the edge at Juicy Stakes Casino right now!

The Caribbean evokes images of beaches, bikinis and colourful cocktails.  At Juicy Stakes Casino there’s an additional keyword in the mix and that’s poker – Caribbean poker to be precise.  If hitting paying poker hands is your idea of fun, here is how you can exploit our island-style cash games!

Find Multiple Caribbean Poker Games at Juicy Stakes Casino  

One of the standout features of Juicy Stakes Casino is our eclectic selection of games.  We not only feature all the high-hit rate gambling categories, like slots, blackjack, video poker, baccarat and roulette, our online casino games are hand-picked from the suites of several software suppliers.

What that means is there are multiple Caribbean Poker games to pick and choose from at Stakes Casino.  Some are straight up stud poker from the likes of Nucleus Gaming and Betsoft.  Others are progressive pokers that have an optional side bet in-play – and that is where clicking on the Tangente tab can be the best decision you have made yet!

How to Play Caribbean Poker Online 

How do you play the Caribbean Poker online?  It is essentially a two-part showdown between you and the dealer.  In this form of the popular card game, no further cards are dealt other than the initial five cards – and that means decisions are kept to a bare minimum.

Once you have anted up – and placed an optional jackpot side bet if the game permits – you are dealt five cards face up to the dealer’s one up card and four hole cards.  Your objective is to hit a better poker hand than that of the dealer and all you have as a guideline are your five cards and the dealer’s up card. 

At that point you can either fold and lose your ante bet or raise and place a second bet of twice the value of the ante.  The dealer’s remaining cards are revealed and you either:

  • win – and get paid even money on the ante bet. The raise bet pays according the standard pay table and the progressive jackpot pay table, if applicable  
  • lose – and forfeit both bets
  • tie – both bets are a push

The Dealer Handicap

There is one aspect of the game that enhances your chances of wining and that is the dealer handicap.  What is the dealer handicap?  It is a rule that states the dealer has to have a king-ace or higher in order to qualify for the round. 

That means you can win even money on the ante when you are holding subpar cards.  The raise bet is, however, a push when the dealer fails to qualify.

What Can You Win Playing Caribbean Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino? 

As we have already mentioned, there are essentially two types of Caribbean Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino – Caribbean Stud and Caribbean Poker.  The former can be found under the Tangente tab and the latter is listed amongst the Betsoft and Nucleus online casino games.

Caribbean Stud has an optional side bet linked to a progressive jackpot.  To compensate for the mega-money wins, the payout for a royal flush is 100 x the stake, which is half that of the standard Caribbean Pokers.  Other than that, the pay tables are perfectly matched.

Caribbean Stud Pay Tables 

Here are the standard and progressive jackpot pay tables for Caribbean Stud:

Caribbean Stud by Tangente Gaming 


Raise Bet

Jackpot Bet

Royal Flush 

100 to 1

10,000 to 1

Straight Flush  

50 to 1

2,500 to 1

Four of a Kind 

20 to 1

250 to 1

Full house 

7 to 1

100 to 1


5 to 1

25 to 1


4 to 1

10 to 1

Three of a Kind 

3 to 1

5 to 1

Two Pair 

2 to 1


One Pair 

1 to 1


High Card  

1 to 1


Best Caribbean Poker Strategy 

Poker is a game of skill.  As a result, you can maximise your chances of winning by playing the game like a pro.  How do you do that?  That’s easy.  Simply follow our basic Caribbean poker strategy outlined below and you may just be able to lower the house edge!

  • Raise on a pair or better
  • Fold when the dealer shows an ace or king and you have a jack or queen
  • Fold when you do not have a high card
  • Raise if the dealer shows two through queen and matches a card in your hand
  • Fold if you have less than the dealer’s qualifying hand

In reality, the theoretically correct way of playing Caribbean Poker at Stakes Casino is a lot more complicated than that but if you use your head and the cards happen to fall your way, there is a good chance you will win a few rounds now and then.

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