Merlin’s Elements Slot: A Testament to the Welsh Wizard

Spells and enchantment await at Juicy Stakes Casino – play Merlin’s Elements slot and unlock real money on the reels!

Shape-shifter, seer, magician and prophet.  That is Merlin, mythical advisor to ancient kings.  Now you can delve into a world where hungry vines and black holes have shape-shifting magic all of their own.  Play Merlin’s Elements Slot at Juicy Stakes Casino to unleash the wizardry!

Who was Merlin?

According to Welsh myth, Merlin was the product of a disturbing encounter.  His father, a demon, took the daughter of a king by force.  Despite his ignominious beginnings, Merlin ascended to the role of boy prophet and later advisor to the great king Ambrosius.  Legend has it that the young enchanter built the Giant’s Dance – now known as Stonehenge – in memory of the late king.

When you encounter Merlin at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, he is a much older and wiser man.  His role in enabling the conception of Arthur Pendragon – of ‘King Arthur and the Roundtable’ fame – is already complete.

The Sorcerer Who Observes the Elements and the Stars

If one follows the mythical account of his life, the Merlin who evokes magic on the reels at Stakes Casino is happily married to Guendolen.  He is also in his dotage, spending time observing the elements and the stars!

How does a wizard get an asteroid named after him?  He appears in countless legends, stories and myths.  He is a character in epic movies like Excalibur, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice...  and he is a key symbol in Merlin’s Elements Slot, a Betsoft blockbuster that you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Online Casino!

Tap into Merlin’s Money Magic at Juicy Stakes Casino

When you open Merlin’s Elements slot at Stakes Casino in your browser, you are in for cinematic treat.  As is typical of the Bestsoft Gaming brand, the graphics are simply outstanding, the sound track is suitably synched to the action and the animations are slick and special.

Stakes Casino: Home of a Bounty of Slots Bonus Features

That is the aesthetics.  Now for the in-game features – and they are pretty impressive all round.  The first thing to be aware of is in this Stakes Casino slot, it is the spells and second screen levels that deliver lots and lots of loot.  Here is how…

Elemental Spells Unlock Wilds, Multipliers and More

Now we know there are four elements – earth, air, water and fire.  All are ably represented in Merlin’s Elements symbol suite.  The trick is to combine two spell books with one of the elements in the following reel configuration – 1 + 2 +3.

When you do that, you are awarded extra ways to win, unique to each of the four elements:

  • Earth – all the symbols, other than the feature triggers, are smashed by a passing meteor and replaced by a symbol cascade.
  • Air – triggering symbols on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 morph into wilds, the remaining icons are blown sky high by a massive tornado and fall back onto the reels in different positions.
  • Water – triggering symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 are wild, a spell book in reel 1 is a random paying symbol and payline wins are multiplied by the number of original triggers.
  • Fire – triggering symbols on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 burn up and become wild and the spell book on reel 1 is a random payable symbol.  There’s more.  Extra wilds are added to the fray based on the number of spell books in the original configuration.

What is our favourite element at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?  Water, of course, as there is a multiplier in-play.  What is so special about a multiplier?  It can boost the balance in your betting account… just like that!

Find 2 Unique Screens, Symbol Sets and Ways to Win

How about Merlin’s secretive second screen levels?  How are they activated and what do they generate in terms of player perks?

In order to access the bonus game levels, you have to hit three spell books in a row – two conventional books and one with either a vine or a blue symbol on the cover.  The special books unlock 10, 12 or 15 free spins on a second screen featuring a unique symbol set representing either nature or the cosmos.

Each symbol pays out as it would in the base game.  In this iteration, however, the symbol suite is linked to lower average wins than what is up for grabs in the Merlin’s Elements base game.

The standout feature in the nature level is the vine symbol.  When it appears on reel 3, it strangles the neighbouring symbols and pays out accordingly.  Similarly, when a black hole appears on reel 2 or 4 in the cosmos level, it devours all adjacent symbols and rewards you accordingly.

It is Possible to Hit Paydirt in Less Than 50 Spins

How easy is it to activate the second screen bonus rounds?  In our experience, it takes around 30 to 50 spins to enter the unique game levels – and less than that to conjure up one or more spells.

When you take into account that Merlin’s Elements is a 243 pay ways slot, then you can expect a steady stream of payline wins at Stakes Casino commensurate with your bet level.

Although Merlin’s Element Slot may not be the highest paying game at Juicy Stakes Casino, it is delightfully entertaining.  Besides the conventional symbols, Merlin the magician is wild and pays up to 17.50 x the stake.  When you hit either of the core bonus features, the odds of banking a significant win are firmly in your favour.

That just about sums up the magic is Merlin’s Elements slot…  Now, all that is left is for you to you sign up at Juicy Stakes Online Casino now and get spellbound by the great Welsh wizard!