Level Up Through the Sweet Treats Candy Store for Yummilicious Wins!

Do you want a unique slots experience? Play Sweet Treats now and add to the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

You know all about the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus and how it can help you leap from one loyalty level to the next.  How about a slot game where you can level up to five candy-filled worlds?  If that sounds yummilicious, wait until you see how easy it is to win playing Sweet Treats slot online!

A New Software Supplier in the Form of Nucleus Gaming 

At Juicy Stakes Online Casino, we believe in the element of surprise.  You can see it in the way we have designed our Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus and multi-level loyalty club.  Now, when you load our download or instant play platform onto your device, you will discover a new addition to the software pack… and that is Nucleus Gaming.

What is so special about Nucleus?  Well besides the fact they are renowned for developing outstanding slots on the HTML5 platform, they have added a social component to many of their most popular games.  Convention has made way for innovation and innovation in this sense has a touch of video gaming to it.

Experience an Innovative Element of Video Gaming 

Sweet Treats slot may not be a single-shooter or massively multiplayer online role-playing game.  What it does have in common with the likes of Animal Crossing and Gigantosaurus are unique worlds featuring multiple game levels. 

Your objective is to accrue points and level up in order to unlock bigger and better cash-generating candies that weave their money magic on the reels – and in so doing, give your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus a significant boost!

An All Ways Pays Slot That Offers Multiple Bites of the Cash Cherry 

If that hasn’t piqued your interest maybe the fact that the game pays all ways – vertically and horizontally – will?  That effectively means there are no defined bet lines or pay ways that have to be activated in order to capture paying combinations.  How are the wins generated on the reels of Sweet Treats slot? 

Provided three of more matching symbols touch anywhere on the reels, you are in the money.  What is more, the same symbols basically explode and new ones cascade into place… giving you a second, third and even a fourth bite of the real money cherry right here at Juicy Stakes Online Casino! 

No Traditional Bonus Features 

Another interesting anomaly is the traditional bonus features found in nearly all slots – wilds, scatters and free spins – are missing in action in Sweet Treats slot.  That does not mean there are no bonus features to up the proverbial ante.  There are and they are in the form of special candies that are automatically unlocked as you progress from one level to the next – candies like colour bombs, caramel chews, jawbreakers, cotton candy, gum drops and more!

Special Candies Pump Up the Payout Probability 

How do the special candies benefit your bankroll… and your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  Well apart from an exception here and there, they are imbued with unique powers.  The common denominator is that nearly all the special candies use different methods to remove existing game symbols on the reels so that new ones fall into place.  That of course means the probability of winning lots of loot on every reel spin is that much greater.

How does that impact the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  Well the further you progress in the game, the more frequently you bet and the quicker you move from one loyalty level at the casino to the next.  The higher the loyalty level, the juicier the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus… capiche?

Bonus Patterns Generate Instant Wins

In addition to the special candies in Sweet Treats slot, there is a bonus pattern displayed on the left side of the gaming interface.  That same pattern is replicated on the reels. 

Once you have filled all the spaces in the pattern with winning combinations, you earn an instant cash bonus of up to 1200 coins depending on which game level you are in.  The big paying bonus pattern is an ongoing feature that not only rewards you in coinage but counts towards the points tally that’s required to level up!

The Verdict  

Sweet Treats slot may not deliver massive single wins but it is a homage to out of the box thinking.  The combination of easy to achieve payout permutations and cascading symbol sets revs up the overall win frequency – and that means maximised player engagement.

The elements of video gaming – score counters, a progression gauge, game levels, worlds and unlockable bonus features – add a dimension of fun and uniqueness to the conventional slots playing experience at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  In our estimation, Nucleus Gaming has succeeded in making a slot that is interesting, absorbing and fast-paced and those are the kind of criteria that players are naturally attracted to… are you?

Join Juicy Stakes Online Casino Now and Give Sweet Treats a Twirl! 

If you want to experience a casino game that dares to be different, why not give Sweet Treats a twirl.  It’s a low variance slot capable of delivering hours of gaming pleasure and one that can enhance the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus and hopefully your bankroll too!

All you have to do is click on the Join Now button, enter the required information and the myriad delights of Juicy Stakes Online Casino will be available on-demand!