Let It Ride vs Ride’m Poker: Side Bet Pokers with a $20K Top Win

Play Let It Ride or Ride’m Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino - win brain numbing bonuses in exchange for a tiny side bet!

Hey y’all, it is time to ante up at Juicy Stakes Casino… and let it ride!  The beauty of Let It Ride poker is there are two chances to cut your losses.  If you think that is way out, how about a side bet that unlocks access to mega bonuses?  The question is… which version of our three-bet poker is better?

Find Two Versions of Let It Ride Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino 

At Juicy Stakes Casino we don’t do things by half measures.  Our collection of casino bonuses covers cashback and free spins.  Our banking methods are the perfect balance between conventional and digital.  Even our casino games suite is perfectly harmonised, with three software suppliers humming in unison. 

What you can consequently bank on when you sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino is greater gambling variety… and that refers to individual games like Let It Ride Poker.   When you hit the Tangente tab at our download or instant play casino you will find the popular three-bet poker under the traditional title.  Mosey on across to Betsoft and it is called Ride’m Poker instead. 

How Does Let It Ride Differ from Ride’m Poker? 

How do the two games differ, if at all?  When it comes to the edge, they are evenly matched at 3.51% apiece.  That of course means the average payout rate is fixed at 96.46% across the board.  The game play is precisely the same, so too is the standard pay table. 

The big hurrah for Ride’m Poker is you have the option to play up to three hands at a time.  At Betsoft Gaming three-bet poker has leapt from the single-hand to the multi-hand format and that means more action, more payout potential and more fun.  Besides the game modes, what else separates Let It Ride from Ride’m Poker?  When you cast your eyes over the side bet activated bonus pay tables, that is where you will find a few discrepancies. 

Quick Comparison of the Side Bet Bonus Pay Tables  

Can the discrepancies between the jackpot odds have a material impact on your win/loss ratio?  Let’s compare the two pay tables before we deliver a verdict:

Bonus Odds  

Let It Ride by Tangente

Ride’m Poker by Betsoft

Royal Flush



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Three of a Kind



Two Pair



Tens or Better



What is immediately obvious is the disparity in the low- to mid-table odds.  When you play Ride’m Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino, the bonus odds for four of a kind and a full house are a lot higher.  To compensate for the super-pays Betsoft Gaming has dropped the odds for three of a kind.  What is more, there is no payout at all for two pair.  

The Odds Mirror Probability  

Now we all know the odds reflect the probability of a particular outcome.  The higher the odds, the harder it is to achieve the corresponding card combination.  That is essentially why the royal flush is always associated with a jackpot prize… it is the most difficult hand to get.  That is especially true when there is only one standard 52-card deck in-play, as is the case with both Let It Ride and Ride’m Poker!

Let It Ride Offers Higher Odds for the More Achievable Hands

With that in mind, which of the two games is the best to play in terms of the bonus side bet?  The one that offers the higher odds for the more easily achievable hands - and that of course is Let It Ride by Tangente.  That verdict only pertains to the bonus action.  In every other respect the two variants are precisely matched, with the exception of Betsoft Gaming’s optional multi-hand mode.

Adopt the Let It Ride Strategy 

Whether you play Ride’m Poker listed under Betsoft Gaming or Tangente’s Let It Ride at Juicy Stakes Casino, you can beat the edge by playing the game in the theoretically perfect way.  That of course means implementing a strategy based on the three cards you are initially dealt.  That is known as the three-card strategy.  

In this variation of poker, there are two community cards to factor into the equation.  As a result, you have to base your tactics on the value of the first hole card that is flipped over by the ‘dealer’.  These tactics are referred to as the four-card strategy.  Here is a brief synopsis of each:

Three-Card Strategy 

Only let your first bet ride if the first three cards you are dealt are one of the following hands:

  • A pair of tens or better, two pairs or three of a kind
  • Three consecutive cards to a royal flush
  • Three consecutive cards to a straight flush with the exception of 2-3-4 and Ace-2-3
  • Two consecutive cards to a straight flush with a least one high card

Four-Card Strategy

You can let the second bet ride, provided you have one of the hands listed below.  Otherwise, hit the Pass button:

  • A pair of tens or better, two pairs, three of a kind or four of a kind
  • Four cards to a flush
  • Four cards to an outside straight with a least one high card
  • Four cards to an outside straight with no high card
  • Four high cards

Sign Up at Juicy Stakes Casino and Play! 

You now know how to play both versions of Let It Ride poker like a pro.  All that is standing in your way is a slither of red tape in the form of our online account registration from.  Once you have submitted all the required information and deposited a few dollars into your Juicy Stakes Casino account, you are free to play any of our online casino games.  It’s open season at Juicy Stakes… anyone with or without a Stetson is welcome to join in the fun!