It’s a Jackpot Junket at Juicy Stakes Casino

Play jackpot slots, beat fellow players in our Blackjack Jackpots - get the best chance to win at Juicy Stakes Casino!

What is better than a holiday in an exotic location?  Winning a jackpot of course!  That way you can pay for several summer sunshine breaks, and with the extended family in tow! At Juicy Stakes Casino you could be in for a jackpot bonanza… but only if you know where to look! 

Exploit the Mega-Money Prizes 

What are jackpots?  They are real cash prizes that are woven into the fabric of many of our casino games.  They are also standalone features that light up our casino offers page, along with all our other bonuses, quests and freeroll events.  When you register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino, jackpots are part of the gaming experience. 

Here is exactly how you can exploit our never-ending jackpot junket online:

  • All our video poker games offer a massive 4,000 x jackpot for a royal flush on a maximum five-coin wager.
  • The best Betsoft Gaming slots have constantly accumulating progressive jackpots in the mix.
  • Side bets in key blackjack games can unlock payouts at eye-popping odds.
  • Every now and then you will find a Blackjack Jackpot bonus featured on the Juicy Stakes Casino promo page and this time it is a variety of 21 card combinations that reward players in crisp hard cash!

What that effectively means is as a player you have ample opportunity to land a single big win.  That is not to say winning a jackpot is commonplace.  It is not.  There are, after all, loads of players all competing for a slice of the cash cake.  What’s more, the core ingredient that determines whether you win a jackpot or not is essentially luck.  Nothing and no-one can predict the course that fortune, serendipity or fate is destined to take!

Top 10 Progressive Jackpot Slots at Juicy Stakes Casino 

What are the best progressive jackpot slots at Juicy Stakes Casino?  That is a loaded question.  All our slots offer impressive payouts for the top five-of-a-kind configuration on the respective pay tables.  There are, however, are a suite of Betsoft Gaming slots that have been liberally sweetened with a money pot.  Some are more conventional than others – but all have the promise of a mega-dollar payday secreted on the reels!

Here is our pick of the most entertaining progressive jackpot slots that you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Casino.  All are developed by the animation wizards at Betsoft:

  1. Greedy Goblins
  2. Faerie Spells
  3. The Slotfather
  4. Good Girl Bad Girl
  5. Dragon Kings
  6. Legend of the Nile
  7. Reels of Wealth
  8. Slots Angles
  9. Mr Vegas
  10. Mega Glam Life

If you are serious about chasing down serious amounts of money, here’s a tip for you.  Load one or more of the listed progressive slots on your PC or phone.  Who knows?  There is always a chance an in-game money wheel or five-icon money match will boost your betting account sky high!

The Blackjack Jackpot Bonus  

Now how about that elusive Blackjack Jackpot that is occasionally the centrepiece on the Juicy Stake Casino’s offers page?  It can be sandwiched between the cashback bonus and free spins and free cash bons or it can be the promo headlining the multi-bonus pack.  

Notwithstanding its position on the page, the Blackjack Jackpot is a perennial crowd pleaser.  It is basically structured as a combined jackpot prize pool where the players who hit specified blackjack events scoop up a share of the pot.  The skilled punter who achieves the rarest card combination of all can win up to $500… just like that!

A Sample of Blackjack Jackpot Events and Pays 

What sort of events are we talking about?  Well, in the latest Blackjack Jackpot bonus at Juicy Stakes Casino, here are the hands totalling 21 that win the moolah:

  • Suited Big Suite 21 - which in real terms is A-2-3-4-5-6 in any order but in a matching suite - delivers $500
  • Big Suite 21 - unsuited A-2-3-4-5-6 in any order - $25
  • Small Big Suite 21 - unsuited 6-7-8 in any order - $10
  • Suited natural blackjack in either hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs - $5

With so much bonus cash being thrown around, you are probably thinking there is a catch.  Well, there’s not!  The bonus playthrough is an imminently achievable 15 x.  You even have three whole days in which to meet the playthrough. Thereafter, you are fully within your rights to cash out the bonus… so, no catch!

Why Register an Account at Juicy Stakes Casino? Why Not? 

Right, we have shared a few of our jackpot secrets with you but that is only the beginning.  As you have probably gathered, there is a selection of casino bonuses and player perks that you can use to help fund your gambling sessions at Juicy Stakes Casino.

The upshot of this is you can play the best Betsoft Gaming slots and participate in our Blackjack Jackpot events using the casino’s own cash.  You will of course be expected to repay the favour by adhering to the wagering requirements published in our terms and conditions.  In the meantime, you will have the chance to bag a big win.  That means you will have more stakes at your disposal… with maybe a summer holiday thrown in!

Come on, sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino now and let the chips fall where they may… it could be directly into your brand-new casino account!