How to Play a Pair of Aces in Online Blackjack

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With a quick turnaround, blackjack is the game to play in terms of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  More game rounds equate to more bets and a greater number of FPPs.  That is one advantage of online casino blackjack.  The other is strategy.

Why Strategy is Critical to Optimal Online Blackjack Returns

Why is strategy integral to blackjack and, by extension, the online casino?  It is basically a blueprint of how to play the game the best way it can be played.  When you follow strategy, the probability of beating the edge and winning money over the long-term is higher than it would be if you don’t.

The basic blackjack strategy is so concise it actually lists all possible hand totals and provides the theoretically correct way of playing each hand, based on the dealer’s up card.  It is, for all intents of purposes, a user-friendly guide giving you, the player, the edge over the online casino.

That said, there are certain two-card hands in blackjack that can prove to be more challenging, largely because of the perceived ambiguity they present.  One such hand is a pair of aces.

Split Aces: From Pitfalls and Best-Play Strategy to Rules

In this article, we are going to reveal the common pitfalls associated with A-A and how to play the hand in the strategically correct way.  We will also take a look at the common rules online casino sites have adopted to offset the intrinsic value embedded in an initial two-card hand, featuring aces.

When you know how to play all blackjack hands as they should be played, the benefits are two-fold.  Not only does the bet-driven value of Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus rise, but there is also stronger probability of winning more rounds than you lose.

Why a Pair of Aces Can Present a Unique Challenge at the Online Casino

What makes a pair of aces ambiguous?  As you are no doubt aware, the aces in blackjack count as either 1 or 11.  As a result, many new players perceive a pair of aces as an opening hand with a value of either 2 or 12.  In the context of blackjack, neither hand is even remotely promising.

When you count the hand as 2, the only option is to hit multiple times.  That, of course, raises the risk of busting.  A hand total of 12 is no better.  One unlucky draw tips you over the magical total of 21.  When you consider there are treble the amount of ten-value cards in-play, there is a strong probability of losing the hand.

Although every bet you make on Blackjack by Tangente Gaming counts towards the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, you really don’t want to be losing money simply because you are not adequately informed.

Be Sure to Adopt the A-A Strategy

Viewing the hand as either 2 or 12 and implementing the strategic decisions allotted to the respective hand totals is, of course, a mistake.  There is a third way of playing the hand and that is according to the A-A strategy listed at the bottom of the basic blackjack strategy chart.

Notwithstanding the value of the dealer’s up card, the only way to play a pair of aces is to split them into two separate hands.  You will have to make an additional bet, equal in value to the opening wager, but it does give you two bites of the blackjack cherry.

Why the Rules in Blackjack Determine How You Play Split Aces

How you play split aces is rules dependent.  As we have already mentioned, the versatility of the ace as either 1 or 11 lowers the advantage to the online casino.  As a result, a slew of rules has been introduced to mitigate the inherent payout potential presented by split aces.

Here is an example of the kind of rules associated with aces on the split:

  • Aces can only be split once
  • Only one card can be dealt to split aces
  • 10 on a split ace counts as 21 and not blackjack.
  • Doubling down is not allowed
  • Double down is only allowed once
  • Re-splitting aces is not allowed
  • Splitting of aces is not allowed

How Does Juicy Stakes Casino’s Split Aces Rules Stack Up?

When we compare the rules of the Tangente Gaming Blackjack to the rules listed above, the players at Juicy Stakes Casino are better off.  Yes, aces can only be split once and only one card can be dealt to split ace… and, yes, a ten-value card and an ace counts as 21 and pays at odds of 1:1.

Where our players benefit is through the double down rule which states doubling on any two cards after the split is allowed.  That provides more flexibility, especially when the dealer is showing a dud card.  This totally offsets the absence of other more favourable rules.

The aces in blackjack have the potential to improve the payout rate.  They are the most versatile cards in the pack.  Provided you know exactly how to play aces as soft hands and a pair, there is a good chance your betting bankroll will last and your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus climb in value, point by point!

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