How to Avoid Losing Money at Our Online Casino

Be smart, get to know stuff like how the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus works… that’s how to cap losses at an online casino

What is instantly associated with gambling at the online casino?  Winning money, of course!  And then, of course, there are the inevitable losses.  Here’s an idea - before you throw Dollars at the slots, video poker machines, and virtual tables in an effort to fund your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, read on…

Gambling with Real Money Should be Approached Respectfully  

The first thing to take onboard is that gambling deserves the same respect given to all other activities involving money.  Whether it is buying a product or service or investing in units trusts or shares, most of us research the product and the company, or the service provider.  We also check out things like warranties, return policies - and in the case of financial instruments - asset allocations and past performance.  We understand the risks involved and find the products that have the best ratings. 

Adopt a Circumspect Approach at the Online Casino   

When you play casino games at Juicy Stakes Casino you should adopt the same careful circumspection.  That means doing the basics right - like finding the best games and reading the fine print.  It also means having an in-depth understanding of how our Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, cashback bonus and free spins bonus work and what you have to do in order to get the full benefit of that bonus.

Losses are not only linked to the casino games.  They can occur through negligence, giving falsified information or sheer foolishness.  If you do not prepare properly or play by the seat of your pants - or show no restraint - there is a high probability your losses will outweigh your gains.  This could happen at Juicy Stakes Casino and any other gambling destination for that matter.  How can you avoid racking up major losses at the casino? 

 1.  Register a Valid Account  

Although you may be tempted to enter phony information on our online registration form… don’t.  If you are under 18 and attempt to cashout, we’ll be onto you.  At Juicy Stakes Casino we make a habit of verifying player IDs and checking the veracity of the information provided.  If you breach our terms and conditions or give fallacious information, we are perfectly within our rights to void your account.  That means your winnings, and the Gold Chips you have accumulated towards your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, will disappear into thin air! 

2.  Read the Fine Print  

We publish our terms and conditions on the home page of the Juicy Stakes website for good reason.  We want all our players to read them carefully… and that includes you.  The Terms and Conditions are essentially a contract that outlines exactly what the rights and obligations are of both the casino and our players.  If you do not read the fine print you will not know what banking fees are for your account, or how much you can deposit and cashout in a single transaction.  You will not be aware of the playthrough requirements, or the max cashout limits that apply to all our casino bonuses. 

If you do not learn all about our Frequent Player Points (FPPs), Gold Chips and our loyalty club, you will not have any idea of how the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus works.  What is the common thread here?  Fail to do the bare basics in terms of informing yourself - and there is real potential to rack up major losses!

 3.  Find the Best Casino Games  

When we talk in terms of the best casino games, they are not necessarily the most popular or the most entertaining games.  The best games are the ones that have the lowest house edge and the greatest average return to player (RTP).  Besides the edge and RTP, the theoretical probability associated with particular games and more specifically, bet types are important clues that you can use to guide you in the right direction.  

The good news is many of the casino games you can play right here have published the average RTP on the game rules page or under the help tab or information icon.  If you can’t find the RTP embedded in the game, a quick Google search will usually produce results.

4.  Manage Your Bankroll Like Your Bank Account  

Proper bankroll management is the key to mitigating the potential losses at the casino.  Most of us have a limit as to how much cash we can draw from our personal bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Few of us - if any - spend all the available funds on non-essential items.  If you can manage your bank account, you can manage your bankroll.  That means setting limits at the online casino too. 

The best way to moderate your losses is to have a clear idea of how much money you are prepared to lose.  When you hit that ceiling, it is time to shut down the PC or switch off the phone.  That way, you won’t be inclined to chase your losses and end up losing your shirt instead!  

The good news - and we are full of good news at Juicy Stakes Casino - is that every bet you make, whether it wins or loses, accumulates and contributes towards your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  You may not be able to negate your losses, but at least you will get a little something back!

Sign Up and Play Real Money Games at Juicy Stakes Casino 

When you play real money games at Juicy Stakes Casino, it is to your benefit to run a tight ship.  That of course means being really strict about the kinds of games you play and how much money you play with.  Losses are an inevitable part of gambling online but if you are smart, you will always keep them at manageable levels.  There is after all a few silver linings… and that is the Juicy Stakes bonuses and the certainty that you will win, albeit in small to medium increments!