Get 2 Shots at a Jackpot with Split Way Royal

Split Way Royal has a low edge, standardised jackpot odds and two ways to win mega money – play now at Juicy Stakes Casino

Do you want two shots at a jackpot?  Hang, who wouldn’t!  Luckily for you we feature low edge video poker games at Juicy Stakes Casino.  There is however one standout contender for the best-ever VP and that is Split Way Royal.  Let’s take a look at why it has such a great reputation with players!

Video Poker with an Intoxicating Twist 

Split Way Royal is one of those innovative casino games exclusive to the Betsoft Gaming library.  It is essentially Jacks or Better video poker but with an intoxicating twist.  Along with the mandatory 4,000 x jackpot for an Ace-high royal flush on a maximum wager, you can bank the same amount of credits when you hit what is termed a ‘low’ royal flush consisting of two through six. 

That of course is effectively a straight flush but, in this game, only the sequential and suited cards that fall outside the ‘royal’ categories are straight - in other words, sequences of five suited cards that contain seven, eight and nine.  When that happens, you miss out on the mega-money pot at Juicy Stakes Casino and have to do with a 250 x payout instead!

Rich Payouts at the Top of the Pay Table

Along with the double royal jackpot and comparatively rich pay for the straight flush, the winnings associated with four of a kind are double that of the same configuration in Jacks or Better.  On the downside, the odds for a flush and full house have been adjusted slightly downwards to compensate for all the other sumptuous pays.  

As far as the rest of the poker hands go, the payouts match the norm.  That of course is a good thing.  The low paying hands - a high pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight and flush - are the ones that occur most frequently.  As a result, they are the hands that are primarily responsible for bolstering the balance in your Juicy Stakes Casino account!

Standardised Odds for the Royal Flushes  

Another dynamic that makes Split Way Royal such a potentially lucrative gambling opportunity is the fact that the odds for the high and low royal flush are exactly the same on a one-coin wager (800:1) as they are on a five-coin wager (4,000:5).  

In Jacks or Better for instance, the winnings for a royal flush on a one-coin bet are just 250:1 and continue in that vein until the five-coin 4,000 jackpot.  That modification to the Split Way Royal pay table means you are not forced to bet max in order to cash-in on the jackpot.  It is a video poker variant that is designed for all our players at Juicy Stakes… not just the high rollers!

Awesome Payout Stats 

That is the big news as far as the structure of the pay table is concerned.  Now for the percentages relating to the house edge and the average payout rate.  Why are these statistics important?  They are an indication of how much of the total turnover on the game is split between the casino and the players. 

The house’s share is retained by Stakes Casino to cover our overheads.  That is what is known as the edge or the built-in advantage to the house.  What remains is the so-called average return to player (RTP) or payout rate.  It is an approximate calculation of the amount of money the game is expected to pay out as winnings over time.

Lowest Edge in the Betsoft Video Poker Suite 

As a player at Juicy Stakes Casino, you obviously want to exploit the games with a low edge and high RTP.  That way, you have a higher probability of winning a few dollars when you gamble online.  The great news is Split Way Royal has the lowest edge and the highest RTP of all the video poker games arranged under the Betsoft tab.

In fact, the edge is just 0.20% and the RTP 99.80% - and that, my friends, clearly indicates that the long-term split of the turnover is heavily skewed in your favour! 

Learn the Optimal Strategy to Cash-In 

If you want to capitalise on the RTP, however, you have to play the game in the theoretically correct way.  To do that, you have to learn the optimal strategy.  Thankfully, learning the best way to play the game is more common sense than rocket science.   All you have to do is focus on holding the best cards to the draw in order to create paying poker hands.  

Where can you find the optimal strategy for Split Way Royal?  On the internet of course.  You will dozens of websites dedicated to online gambling that provide tried and tested strategies on all the skill-based casino games, including video poker.

Do Not Overlook the Low Paying Combos

Having said that, it is important not to chase the jackpots at the cost of the low paying hands.  When held to the draw, a pair or two pair are not only the building blocks of the mid-table rankings, they generate payouts too.  

If you do want to enhance the thrill factor when you have hit a bit of a dull streak, you can always choose to play the optional Double or Nothing gamble feature that appears onscreen after every win.  It is one way of fast-tracking the flow of credits into your Juicy Stakes Casino account but at the risk of losing what you had already won!

Exploit the Edge: Sign Up at Juicy Stakes Casino 

Is your interest suitably piqued by the myriad attractions of Split Way Royal?  If it is, why not register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino?  You may be skilled and fortunate enough to line up at least one of the jackpot-generating royal flushes!