Enjoy a Slice of Classic American Gambling at Stakes Casino

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, playing American themed casino games at Stakes Casino is the right thing to do!

With the American election only weeks away, it's a good time to raise the star-spangled banner.  And no need to choose sides!  Let's take a look at a Juicy Stakes Casino easier way of showing allegiance to the USA - play casino games with a distinctly American flavor!

Play Casino Games Modified for the ‘New World’ 

Americans may not have invented classic casino games but they sure did popularise them.  They also took card games like poker and deposited them into machines to create a gambling category all of their own.  Chemin der Fer and Punto Banco became baccarat and Vingt-Un was translated and transformed, first into 21 and later blackjack… all under the watchful eyes of the early pioneers of the sawdust joints in Downtown Vegas. 

Even games with a long and rich European pedigree like roulette were modified the moment they landed on the ‘other’ side of the Atlantic.  The good news is Juicy Stakes Casino is a proponent of universal gambling online.  Along with the age-old favourites that originated in Italy, France and Spain, there is a small suite of casino games that reflect more of the ‘new world’ than the old.

All American Video Poker  

Among the vast selection of video poker games you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Casino is a wholesome All American variant that has the penchant to thrill.  As its name suggests it is Yankee all the way, not only in terms of multiple hands and supercharged pays but in the ability to double your winnings… if you so desire. 

What is worth mentioning time and time again is video poker, as a genre, has one of the lowest house edges at Stakes Casino.  In essence that means the probability of winning crisp dollar bills playing video poker is much higher in relation to the majority of other casino games.  As a variant, the edge versus payout rate inherent in All American video poker is right up there with the best!

A Beefed-Up Version of Jacks or Better 

If you are looking for a casino game that is essentially Jacks or Better on steroids, look no further than All American video poker.  You can find it listed under the Tangente tab at Juicy Stakes Casino.   Why is it considered a beefed-up version of Jacks or Better? 

Besides the 4,000 x jackpot prize for a royal flush on a maximum bet - which by the way is shared across most variants - there is a handful of richer pays to keep your Stakes Casino account ticking over.  Bet max and hit a straight flush and you will bank 1,000 x the stake.  The All American straight pays double that of Jacks or Better and the flush is… more flush with cash. 

Here is a sneak peek at the respective payouts that you can earn on a five-coin wager:


All American  

Jacks or Better 

Royal Flush



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Thee of a Kind



Two Pair



Jacks or Better



Now can you see why All American is so darn popular at Juicy Stakes Casino?  It is only the two pair and full house that are laggards in terms of dollars and cents!  Besides the larger payouts, All American is available as a single- and multi-hand game.  As a result, you can play one, five, 11 or 25 hands simultaneously.  Moreover, you have the option to double your winnings in the gamble feature.  There is however always a risk you will lose the lot instead!

American Blackjack  

We’ve unveiled the many virtues of All American video poker, now on to the American version of blackjack.  The game - like all the blackjack variants at Juicy Stakes - requires you to beat the dealer by accumulating a hand totalling 21, or as close to 21 without going bust.  Where American Blackjack differs ever so slightly from European Blackjack can be found in the rules.  The payouts in this casino game are standard across both variants - a natural blackjack pays 3 to 2, insurance pays 2 to 1 and a win pays 1 to 1.

Here is a quick breakdown of the rules pertaining to both blackjack variants that you can play at Stakes Casino… along with the blackjack games that are souped-up with their side bets and bonus pays:

  • You can split all paired cards, including aces, but only once
  • Doubling down is permitted after splitting
  • Doubling down is only allowed on 10 and 11
  • There is no late surrender
  • Dealer hits on soft 17

Dealer Checks for Blackjack… and Saves You Dollars and Cents 

With that in mind, how does American Blackjack differ from European Blackjack?  In the former game, the dealer checks for blackjack when the up card is an ace or ten.  In the latter variant, the dealer only draws one card at the start of the round and waits until you have completed your hand before dealing the hole card.  That of course means the dealer does not check for blackjack.  

What is the impact of that particular rule?  If the dealer does have blackjack or a hand that beats yours, you not only lose your original bet but any additional money you have invested in the game in order to split or double down or both!  Now is it clear why so many players at Stakes Casino prefer playing American Blackjack?  You can find it under the Betsoft tab, so why not act like a lemming and follow the crowd?

If video poker or blackjack are not your thing, you can always sign up at Juicy Stakes and play American Roulette instead… but beware of the double zero.  It raises the house edge!