Double Draw Blackjack – Double Dipping Allowed!

Benefit from a dead hand redraw – play Double Draw Blackjack at Stakes Casino, maximise the chances of hitting a blackjack

There’s a range of blackjack games at Stakes Casino, some more lucrative than others.  The objective is always the same – but the means of reaching it can be ramped up, or down...  The addition of a few rules is all it takes to boost or blow-out the payout rate.  Which equation does Double Draw Blackjack fit into?

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The first thing that assaults the senses at Juicy Stakes Casino is the diversity of our games – not only in terms of categories, but as far as our software suppliers go too.  Explore the respective game menus and you will find hundreds of titles cherry picked from the libraries of four software suppliers; Betsoft Gaming, World Match, Tangente Games and Nucleus Gaming. 

What that essentially means is you have the best casino games available at your fingertips.  It also means you have instant access to a host of different variations of the high hit rate casino classics like blackjack.  One of the more unusual games is Double Draw Blackjack and you can find it listed under the Tangente tab right here at Juicy Stakes Casino.

What is Double Draw Blackjack? 

The key to Double Draw Blackjack is the redraw rule.  It allows you to redraw the cards when you are dealt a hard 15, 16 or 17.  Now to further explain what the hard rule means – it’s a hand that does not contain an ace.  

Why is the redraw rule significant?  Well, hard totals of 15, 16 and 17 are some of the less desirable hands to get in any form of blackjack.  They are not definite winners by any stretch of the imagination but if you hit and request another card, the hand will bust more often than not. 

That usually leaves you in a predicament – and one that costs you the price of your wager.

Double Dip for Blackjack at 1:1 Odds 

By allowing you to double dip for blackjack – or in the worst-case scenario a more desirable hand, which is preferably a soft hand – you not only get out of a tight corner but have the opportunity to change your fortunes around.  The only downside to the redraw rule is when you do achieve a blackjack on the double draw, you are paid even money rather than the traditional 3:2 odds.

What does it cost to redraw for blackjack or a hand total that is higher than that of the dealers?  Absolutely nothing!  As you do not have to pay for the redraw it makes perfect sense to take your chances whenever you get dealt the so-called ‘death hands’.

Hedge the Bets with the Insurance Side Bet 

What is more, you can hedge your bets in Double Draw Blackjack by taking the insurance side bet.  That option is only available when the dealer shows an ace and you are holding any combination of cards – including a hard 15, 16 or 17.  That way you get paid out at odds of 2:1 if the dealer hits blackjack.  You obviously, however, lose the side bet if not!

Dealer Pushes on 22 

There is another unusual rule in Double Draw Blackjack and that is the dealer pushes on 22.  That effectively means that any player hands that have not gone bust, push if the dealer busts with a final hand count of 22. 

What is a push?  In its usual context it is when the player and dealer hands are of exactly the same value. When that happens, no-one wins and your bet is returned to you – and that applies to the push rule in Double Draw Blackjack too.

The Push Rules and Its Impact on the House Edge 

Although this rule is obviously designed to offset the advantages of the redraw, it does increase the house edge.  From a theoretical point of view, any increase in the house edge is considered a handicap for players.  Ideally you want to play the low edge real money games at Stakes Casino. 

Best Blackjack Variants – Edge and RTPs Compared

How does the push rule impact the advantage to the house – and in so doing, the average payout rate or return to player (RTP)?  The easiest way to highlight the edge versus payout rate of Double Draw Blackjack is to compare the statistics with a few other popular blackjack variations, some of which are available at Juicy Stakes Casino:


House Edge

Average Payout Rate

American Blackjack






Double Draw Blackjack



Match Play 21



Perfect Pairs Blackjack



Pirate 21 Blackjack



Single Deck Blackjack



Super 7 Blackjack



Super 21



What you will notice right away is Double Draw Blackjack has a comparatively ‘high’ edge of 1.05%.  Only Super 21 beats that by the smallest of margins.  What is important to point out is the blackjack genre has one of the lowest edges of all the casino games at Stakes Casino.  In fact, an edge of 1.05% is hardly a disadvantage – and here’s why.

The Edge in the Blackjack Genre as a Whole is Rock Bottom

Games like Casino Hold’em (2.16%), Caribbean Stud (5.21%), Let It Ride (3.51%) and European and American Roulette (5.26% and 2.70% respectively) all have built-in edges that easily eclipse that of Double Draw Blackjack. 

When you take slots into account, then our double dipping blackjack variant is definitely not a game to be avoided.  Quite to the contrary, it is a Juicy Stakes Casino game that gives you the opportunity to make decisions that really can count in your favor!