Brand New Jackpot Software Awaits at Juicy Stakes Casino

Find a standardised edge, identical features, jackpots that seed at $1k – play Jackpot Software slots at Stakes Casino!

Juicy Stakes Casino has a new kid on the block and it dares to be different.  For the first time ever, gamers can dip into Jackpot Software slots – and it will cost a fixed rate in ‘fees’.  Along with a standardised RTP, the games offer homogenous game play with a progressive jackpot as bait!

Tap into an Eclectic Collection of Juicy Stakes Casino Games

One of the standout features of Juicy Stakes Online Casino is our eclectic collection of real money games.  We not only cover all the genres; we showcase the best of breed gambling opportunities from the leading game development brands – in Europe and the USA.

From Veneto in Italy and Georgia in the States to the sun kissed Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean, we have traversed the world to give you a mind-blowing gambling UX.

Now Betsoft is the purveyor of cinematic slots.  Animatronics is kind of key to the brand, so be prepared for an extraordinary game fest.  World Match is a bit of this and a bit of that.  Along with the action direct from the WM game studios, you will find seriously captivating slots from a host of small-scale developers.

Nucleus is essentially Betsoft in baby pants.

Take a Look Under the Tangente Tab

The newcomers are fresh and enticing – but you won’t find them under their own dedicated tab.  They are tacked onto the Tangente table games… and boy, are they a treat.  What is so special about the Jackpot Software slots?

Well, first off, you know exactly what you are playing for in terms of RTP.  If you do not know what RTP is, here is a quick refresher course.

The average return to player (RTP) is also known as the payout rate.  It is an industry-standard statistic that indicates how much the game is programmed to return to you, the player, for every 100 credits bet.

This is an average indication, so don’t expect to get that precise return every time you ante up at Stakes Casino.  There is a very good chance you will win more… or less.

A Fixed RTP

What makes the Jackpot Software slots so unique is they all share an identical 95% RTP.  What that essentially means is of the 100 credits you bet; 95 credits are paid back to you.  Remember, the RTP is the theoretical ROI generated over multiple online gambling sessions at Stakes Casino!

What is the significance of the RTP, especially as it is an average reflection of the payback?  It is the direct opposite of the advantage to the house, which is built-in to all casino games.  The house advantage is the same as the house edge.

Using the RTP as the starting point, you can easily calculate the edge.  How do you do that?  By subtracting the RTP which, as we know, is 95 from 100.  In the case of Jackpot Software slots, the generic edge is 5%.

The Significance of the Edge

Why is the edge so important?  It is basically the calculated cost of playing the game – a fixed fee of sorts. There is more.  In slots, the only way to know for sure whether a game is delivering the results it should be is via the edge.

When you know exactly what the casino retains as profit, it is virtually impossible for anyone – including us lot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino – to meddle with the frequency or value of the payouts.  To top it all, these games are certified fair by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a testing agency with an impeccable reputation!

Find the Gaming Data Beneath the Pay Tables

The beauty of the Jackpot Software slots is the RTP is published beneath the respective pay tables.  When it comes to the Betsoft slots, you can find the data via the official website.  With World Match slots, a quick Google search reveals the information.

The brand-new Jackpot Software slots are as handy as handy can be, as you don’t have to leave the Juicy Stakes Casino platform!  It is simply a matter of picking a theme, betting max – and gunning for the progressive jackpot which, by the way, seeds at $1,000.

Homogenous Gaming – No Decisions Required

We mentioned the homogenous game play in the all-new selection of Juicy Stakes Casino slots.  All the games feature wilds, free spins with 2 x multipliers and pick me bonus games where prizes max out at 200 x the stake.  The paylines are fixed and at $0.25 up to $125 a spin, the bet range is as wide and welcoming as can be!

Look Forward to a Thematic Treat

What that means is the only decision you have to make relates to the game theme.  Does the Conch Café slot sound like a sweet place to have a money meal?  Is Forbidden Fruits slot packed with payout potential?  Or will the Haunted Manor slot deliver boo-tiful cash prizes thanks to RIP headstones lined up in a row?

You can drill for dollars, dabble in a bit of Black Magic, strike oil and go Splish Splash in the jackpot pool.  You can get up close and personal with King Tut, the Gladiator and Rodney the Rooster.

If the payline wins are flooding in, you can even hop from one Jackpot Software slot to the next.  That way, you will have the very best opportunity of hitting at least one liberally funded mega-cash prize.

The Jackpot Software slots are a tiny sample of what awaits you at Juicy Stakes casino games.  If you want to experience a brilliant array of instant play betting options that load in the blink of the eye… sign up right now!