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If you are not 100% familiar with our Juicy Stakes Casino, it is easy to overlook Jackpot Software slots.  They are tucked away at the lower end of the Tangente Gaming catalogue.  Why do we rate these online casino games so highly?  Read on to find out!

One of Several Suppliers of Juicy Stakes Casino Slots

A unique selling point of Juicy Stakes Online Casino is our vast, cross-software casino games library.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer titles by four gaming software suppliers.  Toss in the indie developers operating under the World Match label – and there is literally something for everyone.

One of the lesser-known suppliers of Juicy Stakes Casino games is Jackpot Software.  The Atlanta based company may be the new(ish) kid on the block, but they know how to produce excellent real money games that will knock your socks off.

Here is why you should make a point of signing up at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, hitting the Tangente tab and scrolling downwards to this niche slots selection:

Be Captivated by Exotic Game Themes

Why are slots so desirable?  Aside from being easy to play, they feature creative styling and entertaining subject matter.  When it comes to Jackpot Software, they have got these elements down pat.  In fact, we can safely say they have integrated just about all the themes and symbolism of pop culture into play.

You will find games emulating blockbuster feature films, like Gladiator, and online slots honouring the golden eras of history and mythology are also prevalent.  Hang, even ghouls, sorcerers and purveyors of blackjack magic get an opportunity of shaping your fortune on the reels.

Whether it is fairy tales, pirates, leprechauns or Las Vegas – you are sure to get your entertainment fill at Stakes Casino.  Anything and everything of significance is adequately covered by the design wizards at Jackpot Software.

Immerse Yourself in Fabulous Graphics

Besides interesting themes, the audio-visual aspect of Jackpot Software online slots is pretty darn hot.  The audio is more movie soundtrack than the jingle-jangle of traditional slot machines.  Then there is the sheer quality of the sound…  Let us put it this way – you won’t be reaching for the ‘audio off’ option any time soon!

As for the graphics, they are seriously spectacular.  Images are rendered in high resolution 3D.  As a result, gameplay is rich, colourful and immersive.  When you load Stakes Casino slots onto your gaming device, it is a bit like taking a seat at the cinema!  The only big difference is that you can win money at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

Enjoy Slick HTML5 Cross-Platform Compatibility

Why are Jackpot Software slots so alluring?  They are built on the HTML5 platform.  In layman’s terms, this particular type of coding allows for the creation of seamlessly functional online casino games.  Performance is as slick and efficient on desktop as it is on smartphone.

Out of the box functions inherent in HTML5 make games more accessible.  Then there is the cross-platform compatibility.  That is responsible for the fact that the online slots at Stakes Casino seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios… just like that.

Lastly, core game development technology like Canvas and Web Graphics Library is integrated into the platform.  Hence the ability to create advanced online casino games – like the ones you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Online Casino!

Play at Optional High Stakes at Juicy Stakes

In the early days of slot machines, you couldn’t find more than a few penny and dime machines.  Gaming was restricted to low stakes.  All that has changed.  Today, you can play online slots with a wide betting range.

It is on this point that Jackpot Software slots stand out.  All the games available at Juicy Stakes Casino have standardised pay lines, bonus features, pay tables and betting options.  What that means is you can play from $2.50 to $1,250 per spin, notwithstanding your particular choice of slot.

In reality, Jackpot Software slots are essentially very well suited for high stakes games.  Why, you may ask?  The clue is in the top prize.  In this selection of Stakes Casino slots, you can win a progressive jackpot.  You can also win the 2,500 x payout for hitting the required jackpot configuration, which is five of kind in wilds.

There is only one proviso.  To be eligible for the jackpot prize and the humungous payout, you have to bet max.  If you’ve got the bankroll to back you, you stand to win $125,000 for the five-for plus the current jackpot!

That does not mean Jackpot Software slots are strictly for high rollers.  As is usually the case, payouts are published as multiples of the payline bet.  The top prize generated by the wild is standard at 2,500 x the line bet.  You’ll find that even at a lower bet value, the winnings are substantial.

Jackpot Software Slots Paytable

What do the winnings equate to in actual cash when you take all the available stakes into account?  Based on your betting stake per spin, here is what you stand to win for five wilds on an active payline:

$ Stake

$ Line Bet

$ Payout




























As you can see, the ROI is pretty impressive across the board.  The only drawback is, if you are not playing at the maximum stake and you do achieve the five wilds, the progressive jackpot rolls over.   As for the other paying combinations, they range from a max of 1,000 x to 5 x the payline bet.

Yummy Bonus Features

It is not only the jackpot in Jackpot Software slots that has tongues wagging.   The homogenous bonus features are memorable too.  In addition to 10 retriggerable free spins, where all payouts are instantly doubled, there is a lucrative bonus game in play.

The special feature is constructed as a pick me bonus where you have to select three of several matching icons.  What is at stake?  If you are lucky, you can collect up to 200 x the triggering payline bet.  Now that is something to shout about!  Do the sums and you can bank $20 through $10,000 for doing nothing more than a bit of ‘natural selection’ of the financial kind!

Now that you know the ins and outs of our Jackpot Software slots, we have only one question.  Are you prepared to miss out on a potential cash bonanza?  If not, register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino, make a deposit and play.  Today could be your day!


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