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What is better than a bush adventure?  Two bush adventures – and that is precisely what awaits you at Juicy Stakes Casino.  The second in the Safari Sam duology is hot off the press… and, if you hurry, you can get the best spot on the Land Rover!

Here is Your Chance to Go on an African Safari

If you have never been on an African safari, now is your chance.  Juicy Stakes Online Casino is featuring two Safari Sam slots – and neither one is more entertaining than the other.  What we can say for sure is the games are wild… and in more ways than expected.

Enjoy Sam, Pam and a Menagerie at Juicy Stakes Casino

Load Safari Sam 2 slot in your browser and listen carefully…  You may just catch the throaty roar of a full-maned lion or the snicker of a painted horse which, as we all know, is really a zebra.  As night falls after a brilliant dust-infused sunset, you can crawl into the two-man tent… along with Sam and Pam, if that is your wont.

A Betting Range as Wide as Victoria Falls

You can ante up to the catchy tunes generated by the click of the sticks and the roll of the drum.  Best of all, the betting range extends from $0.20 to $100 a spin.  That of course means Juicy Stakes Online Casino slots are intentionally designed for everyone!

Fixed Paylines; Zero Rumination Required

In the most recent iteration of the high hit rate safari slot, all 50 paylines are fixed.  You do not have to ruminate over how many coins to play or bet lines to activate.  All you have to do is choose a suitable coin denomination and hit the spin button.

Bountiful in Terms of Bonus Features

We know it really isn’t the game mechanics you are after.  It is bonus features and how they can ramp up the value of the existing funds in your Juicy Stakes Online Casino account.  Now for the good news – Safari Sam 2 is sublime in that respect.

Here is what is in store for you when you unleash the monocled, pith helmeted, lavishly moustached Englishman onto the reels.

Vertical Symbol-Stacked Wins

In the usual course of events, online slots pay from left to right.  In the second game of the Safari Sam series, three vertically stacked symbols, one atop the other, generate payline wins too.  If that is not enough to raise a smile, perhaps the fact that the paying symbols collapse and a new set drops into place, will do the trick.

In the wide expanses of the African bush, this is not a one-off event.  Provided there are three-strong symbol stacks on the reels, the feature continues in the inimitable rhythm of stack-pay-collapse-and-pay!  If your timing is right, you may just pull off a cash coup to the strains of Kumbaya!

Up to 20 Acacia Free Spins

The flat-topped acacia trees are the icons of the African plains.  They are kept closely cropped by the long-legged ungulates more commonly known as giraffes.  Quite how the giraffes avoid getting pricked, punctured and tickled by the needle-like Acacia tree thorns is another story altogether – and one befitting the literary genius of Rudyard Kipling.

Get Paid in Multiples of the Total Stake

In the context of Juicy Stakes Casino, acacia trees are much more than perfectly landscaped shade.  They deliver scatter wins as multiples of the total stake.  They are also the verdant key to an exponentially greater number of free game rounds, which max out at 20 free Spins!

Yippee… A Wild in Single and Multiple Configurations

In keeping with dramatic timing, we have saved the best for last.  The compass is wild in the base game in a conventional single configuration.  It also multiplies and multiplies and morphs into the Call of the Wild feature.

Uhm… the wild has clearly learnt a trick or two about extra-slick progeneration from the spring hares and scrub hairs that populate the plains!

Randomly Activated in the Base Game…

The Call of the Wild feature is randomly activated in standard play.  When that happens, up to four reels can be blanketed in wilds.  The result?  There is a better than average chance the balance in your Juicy Stakes Casino account will expand… and resemble the girth of a well-fed hippopotamus!

Permanently In-Play in Free Spins

That is how the feature functions in the base game.  When the free spins come round, the Call of the Wild is active in every single spin.  With that in mind, it is not too difficult to imagine banking the equivalent in cash of a whole pod of hippopotami!  Imagine away… as it is entirely possible!

How Does Safari Sam 2 Compare with the Earlier Slot Game?

Well, in terms of characters, jungle Jane with her wild eyes and war paint has been replaced by placid Pam.  The primates that graced the reels in the first Safari Sam slot have clearly moved on.  So too have the individually spinning reels and the animated title character bellowing ‘jolly good’ show!

The random wild multipliers have made way for random wild reels.  The symbol stacks are a standard feature across both the games, however, and so are the zebra and lion.  In other words, a lot has changed but a few things have stayed the same.

What totally recommend that you play both the Betsoft Gaming developed slots – one after the other – at Juicy Stakes Casino.  That way you will get the best of both worlds, rolled up into one unforgettable African safari!


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