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Draw High Low is designed for adrenalin junkies.  It is fun and fast moving.  If you want to build your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus in double quick time, you need look no further than this predicative card game with a spicy side bet thrown in.

What is Draw High Low?

Draw High Low is essentially an amalgamation of poker and Casino War with a smattering of Red Dog on the side.  What you have to do is predict whether the next card you are dealt is higher or lower in rank than your previous card.  Rather than betting on the spread, as you would do in Red Dog, the only decision you have to make is to go high or go low.

Unlike Casino War where you win or lose based on the ranking of the dealer’s card, in Draw High Low it is your projection that counts… one way or the other.  In other words, Draw High Low is more active than passive as you can swing the odds in your favour by making the correct ‘guesstimate’.

How the 10:1 Side Bet Can Impact the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus

Besides the action that unfolds on the ante bet, there is an optional side bet that you can take when your gut tells you the next card will be of matching rank… or, as they say in the classics, a tie.  If your gut instinct is spot on, the side bet pays out at eye-popping odds of 10:1!

Now can you see why playing Draw High Low is advantageous when it comes to your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  More bets mean more Frequent Player Points and a speedier transition from points to Gold Chips, and ultimately, to crisp, hard cash!

Cashout as an Exit Strategy

The beauty of Draw High Low is you keep on playing and winning until such time you fluff your prediction. When that happens, you lose your original bet plus all your winnings.  That may seem a bit unfair but there is an exit strategy… and it is called ‘cashout’.

How does the cashout option work?  If you feel you have accumulated a fair bit of money and the risk of losing it is simply too high, you can hit the cashout button and the loot is automatically transferred to your cash balance.  When you add the winnings to the potential growth of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, you are in the pound seats!

Riding the Bets Means Bigger Wins

It is however worth emphasising that the longer you play, the richer the pickings.  How come?  Every time you bet, you wager all the winnings you have accumulated up to that point – and that of course means payouts escalate in value as the game progresses.

Cashing out after every payout is consequently not a smart strategy.  Similarly, greed can be your undoing.  In Draw High Low, timing is everything.

The trick is to play Draw High Low strategically.  In most instances, the decision to go higher or lower is intuitive.  If you are dealt a queen, for instance, going low is a no-brainer.  Why is that?  In this game, aces are low and that means there are 11 card rankings that slot in below a queen.

Calculated Risk-Taking

Having said that, the odds on the pay table essentially shadow the probability of winning.  When there is a high probability of winning, the payout is meagre to the say the least.

If you want to maximise the payout rate in Draw High Low, there are occasions when taking a risk can pay off, like betting high on a 10, jack or a queen.  One such occasion is early on in the round when the risk to reward ratio is skewed in your favour.

Even if you do lose the bet, the losses are nominal in value and you always have a constantly growing Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus to cheer you up!

Draw High Low Payout Odds

How much can you win on the Draw High Low ante bet if your predictions are accurate?  Here is the pay table for the Draw High Low casino game developed by Nucleus Gaming:





1.00 X

12.00 x


1.10 X

5.00 x


1.20 X

4.00 x


1.30 X

3.00 x


1.40 X

2.00 x


1.50 X

1.80 x


1.80 X

1.50 x


2.00 X

1.40 x


3.00 X

1.30 x


4.00 X

1.20 x


5.00 X

1.10 x


12.00 X

1.00 x



Is Counting the Cards an Effective Strategy in Draw High Low?

One tactic that can work is to keep track of the cards.  As only one standard 52-card deck is in-play and discards are not returned to the deck, you can optimise your predictive powers by making a note of the high and low cards that have already been dealt.

Basic Draw High Low Strategy

Besides card counting, there is a basic Draw High Low strategy that goes something like this –

  • Go high on 2, 3, 6, 9 and 10
  • Go low on 4, 5, 7, 8, J and Q

When you play the game according to the basic strategy, the house edge is 3.93% and the average return to player 96.07%.

What is more, every time you play real money games you are adding weight to your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and that means an elevated status in the multi-level rewards club.  It also equates to a cash injection which you can use to fund your betting activity right here at Juicy Stakes Casino!


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