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Pyramid Poker is a unique variation of video poker with three - yes three - pay tables.  That means you can get paid out three times for every winning poker hand!  Confused?  Well then get a load of this.  At Juicy Stakes Casino, Pyramid Poker is 3-card and 5-card poker rolled into one explosive card game!

What is Pyramid Poker?   

In laymen’s terms Pyramid Poker is basically a new class of video poker.  The same titles that you can find at all casinos have been given a more contemporary - and dare we say lucrative - makeover.  In other words, you can still play the likes of Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Aces and Eights and the bonus pokers at Juicy Stakes Casino under the Pyramid umbrella.  However, the actual structure of the game is different.  

How Does It Differ from Conventional Video Poker? 

How is Pyramid Poker’s structure unique?  Well first off, the five cards you are dealt are displayed in the shape of a pyramid.  Secondly, there are three pay tables on the gaming interface - the conventional five-card pay table flanked by a three-card pay table on the left and one on the right.  When you hit a winning five-card combination, which also happens to be a paying three-card hand, you are paid out according to the standard pay table. 

You also bank the pay outs reflected on the left and/or the right three-card pay table - and that is based on whether the winning hand is represented by the first or last three cards on the pyramid.  What is more, if you fail to achieve a winning five-card combo, there is a good chance you will make a three-card poker hand that is not only paid from one three-card pay table, but possibly both!

It may sound complicated but it really isn’t.  In fact, the easiest way to figure out how this all-new video poker class works is to check it out for yourself.  All you have to do is click on the Betsoft tab right here at Juicy Stakes Casino and scroll down until you find a suitable Pyramid Poker game.  Once you have a clear idea of how it all works, there is a better than average chance you will never resort back to type… and ‘type’ in this case is the standard variety of video poker!

What Kinds of Pyramid Poker Can You Play at Juicy Stakes Casino? 

As we have already mentioned, the Pyramid Poker stable consists of a good mix of all the popular video poker variations.  Of the 13 Betsoft developed games available right here, eight are also re-invented as Pyramid Pokers.  Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of the Pyramid Pokers you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Casino:

  1. Aces and Eights
  2. Bonus Deluxe
  3. Bonus Poker
  4. Deuces Wild
  5. Double Bonus Poker
  6. Double Jackpot Poker
  7. Jacks or Better
  8. Joker Poker

What Can You Win Playing Pyramid Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino?  

You now know there are three pay tables in-play in Pyramid Poker.  The conventional five-card payouts obviously differ according to the variant you are playing.  In the bonus and wild versions of the game, there are additional ways to win… but only on the five-card pay table.  The payouts for the three-card combinations are standard across the board and limited to six possible hands.  Here are the available payouts on the left and right three-card pay tables respectively, with a maximum five-coin bet - per pay table - in-play:

  • Wild royal flush - 500 x and 250 x
  • Straight flush - 75 x and 100 x
  • Three of a kind - 25 x and 50 x
  • Straight - 15 x and 25 x
  • Flush - 10 x and 5 x
  • Jacks of better - 5 x and 5 x

Win Up to Three Times on Every Hand  

What multiple pay tables effectively mean is when, for example, you hit a pair of jacks or better, you are paid out 5 x the stake from the five-card pay table.  You are also paid 5 x the stake from one or other of the three-card pay tables based on the position of the cards on the pyramid.  

Achieve a full house, on the other hand, and you are paid for the full house from the main pay table, three of a kind from the one three-card pay table and possibly a pair of jacks or better from the other!  There really can be a cash crescendo every time you play Pyramid Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino.

The Double or Nothing Gamble

Having said that, there is yet another way of winning - one that is designed for players who thrive on risk.  We are of course talking about the optional Double or Nothing gamble that automatically pops up whenever you hit a winning poker hand.  Your aim is to a pick a card in order to double your winnings.  If the value of your card is lower than that of the exposed card, the dealer wins and you lose what you could have banked instead! 

What are the Pros and Cons of Pyramid Poker?  

One of the most obvious advantages of playing Pyramid Poker is the fact that you can get paid up to three times for the same hand.  You do however have to place a mandatory bet of at least three coins to have all the pay tables in play.  That of course means you must bet 15 coins per hand if you want to have any chance of scooping up the 4,000 x jackpot prize that is awarded for a royal flush.  At that rate, you may require a larger bankroll to fund your gambling sessions… and one that has the potential to disappear a little faster than usual.

There is no doubt Pyramid Poker is an adrenalin-fuelled card game that has all the features of traditional video poker but with a few surprises scripted in.  If you want to win - and win frequently - at Juicy Stakes Casino, look no further than the Pyramid Poker games exclusive to the Betsoft Gaming brand!


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