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How can you invest your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus and get an above average return?  By playing low edge casino games of course.  Here’s a tip.  Our multi-hand, side bet Pontoon has the potential to pay out repeatedly.  When that happens, it is a free stakes fiesta at Juicy Stakes!

A Quick Transition from Blackjack to Pontoon

If you are familiar with blackjack you will have no problem transitioning to Pontoon.  It is, for all intents and purposes, an exciting variation of classic blackjack.  Your aim is to beat the dealer by drawing cards until you hit 21 – or get as close to the magic number without going bust.

As with online blackjack, you can hit, stand, split or double down based on the cards in your hand and the dealer’s up card.  In some cases, the rules do differ from one game to the other.  In Pontoon, for instance, you can draw more cards after doubling down.  You can also double after the split.

With rules like that in-play, you would be well advised to spend a large portion of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus playing Pontoon.  Why?  Both rules offer a clear advantage to the player… and that means the probability of beating the dealer is that much higher.

Play Multiple Hands Simultaneously

In addition to a few player-centric rules, the Pontoon listed under the Betsoft tab is a multi-hand game.  As a result, you can play up to three hands at a time.  How does that impact the bottom line?  If all three hands are dealt good cards or the dealer goes bust, you can bank three payouts at odds of up to 2:1.

Having said that, losing all three hands is also a distinct possibility.  When that happens, you lose three times the stake.  If you are a bit of a high roller and prefer to play the high chip values, there is always the chance of getting punished – and that could mean bye-bye to your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

Find a Sweet Pontoon Side Bet at Juicy Stakes

What is more, Betsoft developed Pontoon pays 2:1 for a two-card blackjack and a five-card winning hand.  It also has an optional Sweet 16 side bet to ramp up the X factor.  The side bet is equal in value to that of the ante bet and pays out when the first two cards you are dealt contain either one ace or two aces or have a collective total of 16 through 21.

When the side bet is in-play you can win two payouts for the same high hand.  That theoretically means you can scoop up six wins on three hands in a single round of Pontoon!

Pontoon Payout Rate and House Edge

Now that the multi-hand game mechanics and Pontoon bets are out of the way, let’s take a look at the statistical side of the game.  By that we mean the average payout rate and calculated advantage to the house.  These percentages are significant as they are an indication of the portion of bets that is historically paid out to players.

Here's the good news.  The average return to player (RTP) percentage for Pontoon is 99.62% and the house edge is 0.38%.  That is in the standard game.  When it comes to the side bet, the RTP drops to 97.48% and the edge consequently rises to 2.52%.

Although there is a notable difference between the two sets of stats, the RTP for the side bet is in line with the average payout rates of some of the best online slots at the casino.  Is the side bet in Pontoon a good bet?  What we can say for sure, it is not a bad bet.

Adopt a Side Bet Strategy

What we do recommend is you play the side bet with a strategy in mind.  One strategy that can pay dividends is to only take the side bet when you are on a winning streak – when the balance in your betting account is comfortably in credit.  If you win, that is obviously wonderful and potentially lucrative too and if you lose, you will still have a reasonably healthy bankroll at your disposal.

We also suggest you start out betting with the low value chips and only increase the stake when you are on a roll.  When you start slowly and build up as the session progresses, you will find your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus funded bankroll lasts that much longer!

Standard and Side Bet Pay Tables for Online Pontoon

Here is a recap of what you can win playing Pontoon with a free cash increment derived from your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus:

Standard Pontoon Payouts



Winning five-card hand


Winning hand


Sweet 16 Side Bet Payouts

16 to 21 points


1 x Ace


2 x Aces


Pairs 2 to 7


Use the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus – Play Pontoon for Free

If you want to take advantage of a low edge online casino game that offers multiple payouts on not one but two unique bets, Pontoon is that and so much more.  When you apply a proper Pontoon strategy and embrace the right kind of side bet tactics, you really can win more bets than you lose.

Now when your betting stakes are free and originate from your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain when you play Pontoon online at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Sign up now!


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