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Triple Edge Poker is a simple online casino game with a quick turnover of hands.  It is accessible via your Juicy Stakes login button.  The aim of the game is to create a paying poker hand.  This time you have just three cards at your disposal…

Unlock Quick Poker Play with the Juicy Stakes Login

Of all the online poker games protected by the Juicy Stakes login, Triple Edge Poker is in a realm of its own.  Everything, from the virtual seats at the table, the betting positions and the cards, is available in threes.  What that of course means is the pay table is foreshortened and decisions are significantly curtailed.

When you play Triple Edge Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino, you really can maximise the payout rate.  The average turnaround time of hands is around five times quicker than that of Jacks or Better video poker.  The reason?

Triple Edge Poker has no draw, betting rounds or community cards to extend gameplay.  It entails an initial ante bet, a single deal and one player decision.  The one exception is an optional side bet that you may or may not choose to play.

Besides its inherent simplicity and speed, Triple Edge Poker has a higher than expected payback percentage.  By entering your credentials in the Juicy Stakes login, you are one step closer to potential gains.  The reason being is a finely weighted win to loss ratio that can easily tip in your favour.

How to Play Triple Edge Poker Online

Once you have engaged the Juicy Stakes login button, navigate to the Betsoft gaming library via the Betsoft tab onsite.  Load Triple Edge Poker in your browser and get down to the business end of real money gaming.  Here is how it all works…

You choose a chip value and place the mandatory ante bet in the space provided on the table.  You can play one, two or three hands simultaneously.

At this point, you can place a second bet – the Pair Plus side bet.  This bet is placed in the circle above the Ante and Call blocks on the layout.  It pays out for a pair or higher, whether your hand beats that of the dealer or not.

Once the bet or bets are down, you hit the Deal button.  Three cards are dealt to you, face up and three cards are dealt to the dealer position, face down.  You then have only two possible moves based on the cards in your hand:

  1. Raise, by hitting the Ride button.  A bet equal in value to the ante bet is automatically added to the Call position on the layout.  The dealer’s cards are revealed and the hand either wins, loses or is a push.
  2. Fold, discard your hand and lose the ante bet.

In this form of online poker, the dealer only qualifies with a queen or higher.  Here is how the game pays out:

  • When you beat the dealer, the ante and call bets pay even money and the Ante Bonus and Pair Plus bets pay out according to the respective pay tables.
  • When the dealer beats your hand, you lose both the ante and call bets and the Ante Bonus and Pair Plus pay out normally
  • If the dealer does not qualify, the ante wins even money, the call bet is returned and the Ante Bonus and Pair Plus bets pay out as usual.
  • When the hands tie, both the ante and call bets are returned and the two other bets pay out as above.

Triple Edge Poker Payouts

What kind of ROI can you expect from the Juicy Stakes login.  More specifically, how much can you win playing Triple Edge Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino?  As we have already mentioned, you can win even money (1 to 1) on the ante and call bets.

It is the Ante Bonus and Pair Plus bets that offer the major money returns.  These bets only pay out when you hit a poker hand according to the traditional poker hand rankings.  Owing to the fact there are just three cards in-play, hands like a full house and four of a kind are obviously right out of the equation.

Ante Bonus Bet

Pair Plus Bet

Straight Flush

5 to 1

40 to 1

Three of a Kind

4 to 1

30 to 1


1 to1

6 to 1



4 to 1

Up to a Pair


1 to 1

What you will no doubt notice is three of a kind pays out more generously in this form of poker.  In fact, it is fact the second highest hand you can achieve in Triple Edge Poker.  That is because the probability of hitting three cards of a matching rank is comparatively low.

That said, the win to loss ratio is not as dire as one would expect.  When you play the game strategically, you can expect to win 44.90% of the time, lose 55% of the time and tie 0.1% of the time.  That of course is the average calculated over hundreds of thousands of hands.

As for the long-term payback percentage or return to play (RTP), well the stats are quite enlightening.  Contrary to what you may think, it is the Pair Plus bet that has the best RTP at 97.68%.  The Ante Bonus payout percentage is 96.63%!

How Triple Edge Poker Compares to Other Juicy Stakes Casino Games

What is notable is both bets compare favourably to other Betsoft developed card games.  Take a look at popular options accessible via the Juicy Stakes login, together with their theoretical return to player:

  • Caribbean Stud 5.22%
  • Top Card Trumps 2.88%
  • Draw Hi Lo 3.93%
  • Let Ut Ride 3.51%
  • Pai Gow Poker 2.72%

Now can you see why we recommend you play Triple Edge Poker?  It’s like choosing between the Tesla Model S and one of the worst cars ever made!  That might be a bit of a dramatic comparison – but we're trying to get a point across.  Triple Edge Poker is simply one of the better online casino games in terms of odds, probability and RTP.

As for how to start playing the game right now?  All that is required is a registered online casino account and a quick tap of the Juicy Stakes login button.  Then you too can try your luck with a game also known as three card poker!


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