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What is with Juicy Stakes Casino and Ancient Egyptian slots?  How about the timeless allure of antiquity?  Or the gold and lapis lazuli that adorns artefacts?  In reality, it is neither.  Rather, it is about giving our players what they want – quality online casino games that can pay out plenty.

Sign Up for an In-Game Bonus Party at Juicy Stakes Casino

The latest addition to the pharaonic games suite at Juicy Stakes Casino is the freshly released, Secret of ScarabX.  It is a 5 reel and 15 fixed payline slot with a generous pay table.  The standout feature in not only the payouts… it is the special effects.

When we say special effects, we mean bonus features.  They are all the little extras that maximise the payout rate.  That said, it is not only the potential rewards inherent in the game that is sure to delight players.  The graphics are crisp, the soundtrack is evocative, and the gaming mechanics are flawless.

What Octavian Gaming Solutions has achieved may not be unique or even exceptional.  What they have done is create the makings of an in-game bonus party.  The latest release slot at Juicy Stakes is top heavy in features.

That in itself is one of the best reasons to load Secret of ScarabX in your browser right now.  You do have to register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino first.  Then all the online casino games featured onsite are yours for the taking!

What can you expect in terms of features?  There is a wild that performs its usual role... and then some.  When it lands on the central reel, random symbols morph into yet more wilds.  What that means is you have a greater probability of hitting multiple payout permutations.

Free spins symbols activate the free games round.  In this feature, the number of complimentary game rounds you are awarded is determined by a pick me feature. The gratis game time ranges from 4 up to 15 free spins.

During the free spins feature, the pharaoh and his queen are vertically expanded wild symbols.  As such, they fill an entire reel.  As the game progresses, the special wilds constantly change position.  Hit both the symbols on the same reel and a 2 x prize multiplier is in play to boost the payline wins.

Bi-Level Bonus Game and Top Pays

In addition to the wilds, scatters and free spins, there is another cash-rich feature in the mix.  It is unlocked by the bonus symbol represented by the sphinx.  When that happens, you are whisked away to a second screen where your job is to choose one of several sarcophagi.

Pick correctly and you will not only win an instant cash prize, but you will also have a second shot at the money.  That means a double cash whammy… although it is reserved only for the players who make the right pick in the first place.

That is an overview of the special features inherent in the Juicy Stakes Casino slot.  Now to the nuts and bolts of the game – the payouts.  In this WM online slot, you can win up to 1,000 x the payline bet in the base game.

Thereafter, the next best prizes range from a high of 500 x to 200 x the line bet.  That is for the themed symbols.  The standard playing card icons, jack through ace, make up the rest of the paying quotient.

Where can you find Secret of ScarabX slot at Juicy Stakes Casino?  It is listed under the World Match tab… so sign up, grab a Juicy Stakes bonus and hit the reels!  You will have the benefit of playing an online slot with a long-term payback percentage of 95.40%.

That is the lowdown on the latest Ancient Egyptian slot in the Juicy Stakes Casino gaming library.  How about a few fascinating facts about the game symbols themselves?

Slots Symbols Fun Facts: Pharaohs

First to the pharaoh and his queen.  Did you know all pharaohs – men and women – wore make-up and false beards?  Yup, they are the original representatives of trans culture.  In both instances, the physical embellishments were either practical, aesthetic or esoteric.

The black kohl applied around the eyes was the earliest form of ‘sun glasses’.  The black mineral helped to reflect the light.  It also gave the eyes the appearance of a falcon’s eyes – a bird of prey that represented the deity Horus.  The pharaohs were, after all, incarnations of Horus in life and Osiris in death.

As for the long, pointy braided beards, that is a nod to Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife.  He was always depicted with lustrous facial hair.  That meant his representatives on Earth followed suit… regardless of gender!

You will notice these half deities are always portrayed as young and beautiful.  That of course is far from the truth.  Even the Pharoah Tutankhamen was a lot to be desired, despite the even features and good looks displayed on his solid gold death mask.

The young king had a significant overbite, club foot and the pronounced hips and breasts of a woman.  DNA tests have revealed that he, along with a host of other pharaohs, was the spawn of an incestuous relationship.  That surely didn’t help much in the looks or mental acuity departments.

Slots Symbols Fun Facts: Cats and Scarab Beetles

How about the cat symbol?  What did the feline represent in Ancient Egypt?  That is a reference to the goddess Bastet.  She displayed both loving and nurturing qualities and violent aggression.

That Ancient Egyptians recognised the very same qualities in cats and the two became linked in perpetuity.  Contrary to popular opinion, the Ancient Egyptians never worshipped cats.  They simply depicted Bastet as a seated cat or a human figure with the head of a cat.

Lastly, the scarab beetle, the titular character in our Stakes Casino slot.  Why all the interest in what is really a dung beetle?  Again, the humble little creature is the manifestation of a god. This particular deity is known as Khepri.

According to myth, this fellow rolled the ball of the sun over the eastern horizon at dawn every day.  That is some creative analogy, even for folks who lived more than 3,000 years ago!

Are you ready for awesome entertainment that pays out real money too?  If you are, it’s time to join the Juicy Stakes Casino community.  Along with hundreds of great games, our bonuses and promotions are pretty hot too!


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