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Online poker brought about the great poker expansion.  Poker was always popular as a weekend activity with friends.  Poker at land based venues was good for people who lived close by.  For most players, online poker gave them the chance to grow their game as often as they wish.

Online Poker Gives Players Many Benefits

Players at Juicy Stakes Poker Australia tell us that the single greatest benefit of online  poker here at Juicy Stakes is that playing online gives them the experience they need in much more manageable quantities than they could get from playing at a land based poker room.

When poker players go online to play, they can play for as long as is justifiable to them based on their skill level, their bankroll, the stakes level they are playing at, the time they have available to play, and their other interests and responsibilities.

Juicy Stakes also offers many promotions that land based poker rooms cannot offer.

Playing Poker on Land Has None of These Advantages

Online poker means that if you play at a very low stakes level, you can develop your game slowly over time.  This and all of the other parameters we mentioned above do not obtain at land based poker rooms unless the player makes a powerful and concerted effort to effect those desirable results.

It costs money and time just getting to a land based poker room.  This causes the tendency in players to play a lot longer than they should.  Players get hungry and tired.  Most players at Juicy Stakes find it easy to close a session so they can sleep or prepare a meal while at land based poker rooms there is the tendency to fight the hunger and sleepiness.

This causes players to a) lose money they shouldn’t have last and b) to get zero or next to zero benefit from the experience of playing from the moment the hunger or tiredness became noticeable.

Bankroll and Stakes Level

A lot of the players at low stakes play there because they don’t have enough experience to play at higher stakes even if they can afford to do so!  In other words, experience is as much a commodity in poker as is one’s bankroll!

There is an analogy from baseball.  They say that a hitter needs to see in the vicinity of 10,000 pitches before he has acquired the batting experience to advance as a hitter.  A player can get this level of experience in the minor leagues or in the major leagues.

A lot of good baseball players start out in the low minors not because the organization’s management team has low confidence in their raw ability but because the organization wants them to get as much experience as they can at what for baseball is low stakes.

Can You Always Find the Best Game at a Land Based Poker Room?

The obvious answer is: NO!  Land based players are subject to the availability of players who want to play poker at their skill level and for the stakes they prefer to play at.

Time is of the Essence

The length of time you play is also very important.  Just as running, swimming, hiking and every other physical activity requires stamina and stamina has to be built up, excellence in poker requires stamina that has to be built up.  If 30 minutes is the perfect time frame for a specific beginning poker player, that player has little to no reason to play on land!

Online poker at Juicy Stakes allows players to manage their time to their own best advantage.

Get a Life

Poker is not the only thing of value we do with our time.  We have families, friends, hobbies, outside interests, and responsibilities.  None of the above are available to land based poker players while all of them are available to online poker players!

Experience and Study are Keys to Poker Excellence

We said earlier that the single greatest benefit of online poker is that it allows players to get a lot more experience and better experience than they can get at a land based poker room.

Study is also very important.  If you play for shorter sessions and you take notes on every hand, you will be able to review these hands and gain the benefit of studying them.  You might be able to take notes about many more hands played during a longer session but the tiredness factor will eventually kick in and the notes you take will be less suitable to review and as a learning tool.

Some new poker players discount the need for study.  Most new poker players at poker rooms are familiar with the game since they play with friends.  These games are nothing like the games you will encounter either at a land based room or at Juicy Stakes.

We can compare poker with friends versus poker with players who are trying to get a lot better and win substantial amounts of money to chess with friends and chess against serious tournament chess players.  Serious chess players study all the time!

While we don’t think that poker study needs to be an obsession, we do feel that study is vitally important to achieving the improvements most players want to achieve.

How Complicated is Poker?

It can be very complicated!  We have started a poker math tutorial and we find that being able to explain poker math in simple terms is no simple matter. As a result, we often digress into other areas since there is always a lot to talk about when it comes to developing much better poker skills.

The Corona Virus Effect

Land based poker shut down for months at a time just one year ago.  Many players came to Juicy Stakes and found that we offer a lot more than they could get from a land based poker room.  We offer many different games and many different stakes levels.

The rake on all pots at Juicy Stakes has an upper limit.  In higher stakes games, the rake will often reach its limit long before the hand has been completed.

Many players realize that they have some tells.  It is a lot harder to read a tell in online poker than in a poker game on land.

Finally, now that so many plyers have experienced the convenience and all other benefits of online poker, they have time to take a “real vacation”!  We will talk about real vacations in our next article.  For now, we urge anyone who has not yet joined us to JOIN JUICY STAKES NOW!


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