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If top flight football is your passion, it is easier than ever to build a Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  How come? Betsoft Gaming has recently launched Hat Trick Hero, a slot where Romelu Lukaku or Robert Lewandowski could very well be in-play!

Top Strikers and Power Shots

If the mention of two of the top scorers in Europe has piqued your interest, wait until you find out how power shots can deliver the goods.  At Juicy Stakes Online Casino, our commitment to providing the best remote real money gaming extends to showcasing super-cool new online slots.

Hat Trick Hero is not simply a high-resolution 3D online casino game.  It is a tribute to the world’s best strikers, the guys who win the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards – Messi, Modric, Rodriguez, Kane and the list goes on and on.

Whether you follow Inter Milan, Man City, Bayern Munich or Atletico Madrid, or only get behind your national football team, it is ‘game on’ at Juicy Stakes!

How Hat Trick Hero Slot Can Enlarge the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus

How can a football-themed slot boost the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  By enticing you to bet and play.  As every wager counts towards the Frequent Player Points (FPPs) tally, you are auto-enhancing the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus… albeit unconsciously!

Now that we have ascertained shots at goal are key to accumulating both coins and FPPs in Hat Trick Hero slot, the obvious questions are how, when and why...

The Power Shot Wild is the Scatter

The first thing to emphasise is the power shot symbol is both the wild and the scatter.  In the base game, it has a conventional role as a wild symbol substitute.  In other words, it completes payline wins when two or more matching icons appear on an active payline.

Recurring Respins Feature is a Game Changer

When three wilds appear on the gaming interface, they trigger the slot’s main event – the game-changing free respin feature.  If you are wondering how a reel respin can up the tempo of the game, hang onto your hats folks; it really is an event capable of generating a fistful of dollars.  Here is how it works…

Walking Wilds Generate Infinite Reel Respins

During the free bonus feature, the power shot wilds basically become walking wilds.  They shift one reel to the left on each respin – and continue to do so until there are no more wilds on the reels.

Here is where it gets interesting.  Besides the new wilds, which appear on the reels as they normally would, power balls can be kicked down the pitch to extend the event!

Power Balls Add to the Score Meter

That is not the sum total of the intrinsic value embedded in the respin feature.  Apart from generating winning combinations, each wild exiting the reels adds a point to the score meter.

Rack up 15 points during a single respin feature and you are awarded an instant cash prize of 1,000 x the stake.  The score meter is reset to zero when the feature finally ends.

Win Up to $12k… For FREE!

What is 1,000 x the stake potentially worth in dollars and cents?  When you bet the maximum $12 a spin, the bonus prize in Hat Trick Hero slot is a massive $12,000.  That is precisely why it is worth betting at the upper end of the $0.02 to $12 betting range.

Bet Max, Earn More FPPs, Get a Bigger Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus

A mega-win cash win is obviously awesome but it is not guaranteed.  What you can bank on is when you bet max at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, your FPP earning capabilities are ratcheted up.  As we all know, more FPPs mean more Gold Chips and Gold Chips can be converted into the free cash Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

What We Won at Juicy Stakes Online Casino

The recurring respins in Hat Trick Hero slot may not sound all that exciting but, in practice, they really are.  Unlike slots with very high volatility, the feature is easy to unlock.  We managed to do that in less than 15 spins and reached four on the score meter and bagged $270 in prizes!

The next time we triggered the free game time, our statistics improved to 12 scores and a grand total of $612. Hang, we even had a third shot at the big time, scoring 10 and banking $375.  The major point we want to make here, is all that happened within the first 80 spins of Hat Trick Hero slot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino!

What are the Payouts Like in Hat Trick Hero Slot?

The brand-new football themed slot by Betsoft Gaming is a low volatility online casino game.  As a result, the payline wins are plentiful but the payouts are mediocre.  It is a loose slot with plenty of action and one that is suitable for risk averse players at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

When it comes down to dollars and cents, it is the football trophy and wild power shot symbol that pay out the top 3.75 x prize.  Thereafter the golden boot and golden ball deliver $2.00 x, followed by the whistle, gloves and jersey that pay $0.80 x, $0.60 x and $0.50 x the bet, respectively.

How Do We Rate Hat Trick Hero Slot?

Hat Trick Hero slot is an unpretentious low volatility slot.  Payline wins come in thick and fast, the wild appears frequently on the reels and the bonus feature is easily accessible.

It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing slot by Betsoft Gaming but it is a fast-paced online casino game that will undoubtedly appeal to football enthusiasts.  Would we recommend Hat Trick Hero as a Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus booster?  You betcha!

Why not sign up at Juicy Stakes Online Casino and give the all-new Betsoft slot a go?  There may be plenty of power shots in-play to ramp up the payout rate!


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