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You have heard of a welcome bonus, cashback bonus and reload bonus.  How about the Juicy Stakes Casino free play bonus?  What is that all about and why do pundits rate it so highly?

Get Extra Online Casino Cash… at What Cost?

Under normal circumstances, online casino bonuses are not always what they are cracked up to be.  Yes, you do get extra cash to fund your gambling sessions… but there are rules governing when, how and on which online casino games you can spend it on.

Get Rewarded for Your Betting Activity

At Juicy Stakes Casino, we have taken convention and turned it on its head.  Rather than ‘gifting’ a few dollars up front – and then tying you down with unrealistic demands – we do the opposite.  We reward your betting activity… and the rewards get exponentially richer, the more you play.

In our case, the rewards are not initially cash bonuses.  They are Gold Chip stacks fed by Frequent Player Points (FPPs) which, by the way, also act as the key to our loyalty levels rewards program.

Earn Gold Chip Stacks as Juicy Stakes Casino Currency

The beauty of Gold Chips is they are accepted currency at Juicy Stakes Casino.  That means you have a constantly accumulating bankroll at your disposal that you can use on our online casino games.  Gold Chips are the equivalent of a free play bonus but without all the strings to tie you down.

What do we mean by strings?  In the normal course of events, players have to fulfil a number of requirements before they are entitled to get any material benefit from a bonus.  Here is a breakdown of what you have to do in order to benefit from freebies in their conventional form:

String #1 – Wagering Requirements

The first hurdle is the playthrough or wagering requirement – the number of times the value of the bonus has to be wagered at the casino before the proceeds of the bonus are cashable.

What that in effect means is you have to place bets equivalent to thirty, forty, fifty or even sixty times the bonus in order to withdraw the winnings accrued by that bonus.  Do you want the good news?

Juicy Stakes Casino Free Play Bonus – No Playthrough Required!

When it comes to the Gold Chips enabled free play bonus at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, there is no playthrough to fulfil at all.  Once you have accumulated sufficient Frequent Player Points you can use them to construct Gold Chip stacks.

Thereafter, the stacks are available to fund your gambling sessions in lieu of the cash you deposited into your Juicy Stakes Casino account.  Any winnings generated by the free play bonus can be withdrawn as and when you want.

String #2 – Limited to Qualifying Online Casino Games

The second requirement, which is typically part of the conventional terms and conditions, is the bonus is restricted to a particular online casino game or category of games.

That limits the scope of the bonus and can have a negative impact on the payout probability.  When, for example, the games have a low RTP and high edge, your chances of winning are slim at best!

Gold Chips Valid for All Casino Games

The Gold Chip generated free play bonus has no such limitations and can be used to fund any betting activity at Juicy Stakes Casino.  That is strike two for the players!

String #3 – Cashout Limits

Last but by no means least, the vast majority of casino bonuses have maximum cash out limits.  Some casinos online only permit players to withdraw a tiny percentage of the winnings accrued through the bonus.

In our estimation, that is not fair.  Although we do have a cashout limit on some of our conventional bonuses, it is a generous $250 – a sum anybody would be delighted with considering it was generated with the casino’s own cash!

Winnings are Instantly Cashable

When you use our free play bonus to juice your online gambling sessions, there are no limits at all to impede the cashout process.  Any money you win, is yours to keep!

A Free Play Bonus That Keeps on Giving

Now, we mentioned FPPs played another equally rewarding role at Juicy Stakes Casino.  In our universe, points are what unlock the loyalty levels, tier by tier.  As you progress through the 50 loyalty levels, which make up the Juicy Stakes rewards program, you are eligible for comps, prizes and free offers unique to each tier.

Go Further and Faster and Get Better Player Perks

We have designed our program to deliver perks for players who go further and faster than everyone else.  Not only does the value of the rewards soar as you hike through the levels – we dole out turbo and super booster bonuses for the players who leap from level to level in the blink of an eye!

Determine the Value of Your Own Juicy Stakes Casino Free Play Bonus

What really makes the free play bonus at Juicy Stakes Online Casino so unique is the fact that you, the player, determines its value.  When you bet regularly on the eligible online casino games, the Frequent Player Points balance grows and with it the size of the Gold Chips stack.

At Juicy Stakes Online Casino, you really do have your destiny in your own hands.  Be smart, read the FAQs and contact our customer support team.  That way you will know exactly how to accumulate the FPPs and Gold Chips required to fuel your free gaming sessions right here at Juicy Stakes.

6 Reasons Why Earning Rewards at Juicy Stakes is Quick and Easy

  • FPPs are automatically allocated to your profile
  • Auto points to Gold Chip conversion process
  • Earn FPPs as you play
  • Loyalty progress tracked and displayed under the Rewards tab
  • Free play bonuses allocated retrospectively
  • No playthrough or cashout limits
  • The more you bet, the more you earn

Join Juicy Stakes Casino NOW!

Can you afford to miss out on a no strings attached free play bonus?  Nope… we didn’t think so.  Hit the Join Now button, enter your details on the online application form and start building your personalised free play bonus right away!


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