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Open Bonus Poker and you're assaulted by a paytable offering awesome returns – bonus pays, juicy jackpot prizes, poker hands you are certain to hit time and again.  With those features, you’d be crazy not to play Bonus Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino but if you’re still not convinced, let us change your mind.

If you know your casino games you will be well aware that the video poker genre is renowned for its higher than average payout rate.  What that of course means is that every time you load Juicy Stakes Casino onto your desktop or phone and play one of the dozens of video poker games sorted under the respective game development brands, there is an excellent chance you will bank a few dollars.  The trick is to find the title that offers more than most – not only in terms of the paytable but in terms of the historical return to player (RTP).

What is the Average Payout Rate? 

Those of you who are not up to speed with the gambling jargon, the RTP is a statistical reference to the amount of all the wagers Stakes Casino pays back to all players in the form of winnings.  It is basically the opposite of the house edge which, as you have probably guessed, is the percentage of the bets that is skimmed off the top to cover the costs of running our remote gambling operation.  In simple terms the edge is a portion of the profits.  What remains is paid out to folks like you.

Bonus Poker - 3rd Highest RTP  

Ideally you want to play a video poker game with a high RTP and a low edge and that is where Betsoft Bonus Poker shines.  In fact, at 99.17% it has the third highest payout rate in the genre.  That is the kind of statistic that will gladden the heart as it has the very real potential to boost your Juicy Stakes Casino account.  There is however one little problem. 

To maximise your chances of winning regularly when you play Bonus Poker right here, it is essential to implement a proper strategy – and that means memorising the mathematically correct moves you should make based on the cards you are dealt.

Get Big Bonus Payouts for Four of a Kind 

Before we get into the Bonus Poker strategy, it is important to highlight the fact that there are three potential bonus payouts on the paytable.  We are not talking about meagre amounts of money here; we are talking about the potential to win up to 400 x your stake - and that is over and above the 4,000 x jackpot prize allocated to the royal flush.

What you should be focussing on in Bonus Poker is accumulating quads; that is four cards of a matching value known in poker ranking terms as four of a kind.  Why?  Well, because four aces pay 400 x the stake; quad two, three or four deliver 200 x the wager – and four of kind in five through to king pay 125 x the bet.  We have quoted the payouts based on a maximum five-coin wager as that is really the only way to play video poker… by betting max on every hand.

A Full Paytable 

Besides paying out lucrative bonuses to players who hit four of a kind, Bonus Poker is unusual in that it offers a full paytable.  What that in effect means is you can win real money for a poker hand featuring a pair of jacks or better and upwards.  Why is this unusual?  In short, in some of the so-called bonus or jackpot video pokers, the big wins allocated to the additional payouts come at a cost.  In these games you will find the low-ranking hands like a pair and two pair simply disappear off the paytable. 

As these are the poker hands that have the highest probability of actually occurring, you’ll battle to keep the balance in your Stakes Casino account in positive territory – and that of course means that your gambling session don’t last nearly as long as you’d like them to.

Basic Bonus Poker Strategy 

You now know what you should be aiming for, over and above the traditional high paying hands – the royal flush that pays out the jackpot and the straight flush that offers 250 x the stake.  Now, let’s shine the spotlight on the basic Bonus Poker strategy that you should adopt every time you play the game at Stakes Casino. Remember, the machine automatically highlights the winning poker hands like four of kind, full house, flush, and straight, so there is no need to mention them in the best play strategy.  Instead we focus on the cards you should hold to create a paying card combination:

  1. Hold four cards to a straight flush and royal flush
  2. Hold three of a kind
  3. Hold any two pairs
  4. Hold a high pair
  5. Hold four to a flush
  6. Hold three to a straight flush or royal flush
  7. Hold a low pair
  8. Hold four to an outside straight
  9. Hold four unsuited face cards
  10. Hold two suited high cards
  11. Hold a pair of jacks or better
  12. Hold a face card or an ace

Why is Bonus Poker the Go-To Video Poker Game at Juicy Stakes Casino? 

Here’s a re-cap of exactly why Bonus Poker has such a great reputation, right here at Juicy Stakes Casino and all the top ranked gambling destinations:

  1. An average payout rate of 99.17%
  2. A house edge of just 0.83%
  3. A full paytable, from jacks or better to royal flush
  4. Bonus payouts for four of a kind
  5. An easy to learn optimal strategy

We have given you the facts and figures, highlighted what you can win and even given you a basic strategy to work with so that you can maximise the payout rate when you play Bonus Poker online.  Now it is up to you to take the opportunity to make a bit of cash on the side.  Registering a Juicy Stakes Casino takes a few minutes of your time and then it’s all hands on deck for a gambling bonanza!


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