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Juicy Stakes Casino offers a range of free bonuses, some of which only appear intermittently.  One such offer is Blackjack Free Bets.  It is an occasional incentive that is always snapped up by patrons who know their stuff.  Here is why….

How Blackjack Free Bets Work

The Blackjack Free Bets promotion is precisely what is sounds like.  It consists of a specified number of free bets.  These bets are valid for one or more of the online blackjack games available at Juicy Stakes Casino.

The beauty of the bonus is that it is fully automated.  You do not have to claim the free bets or enter a bonus coupon code at the cashier.  When you load a qualifying online blackjack game onto your PC or phone, the free bets are automatically activated.  All you have to do is click on a casino chip and the free bets icon magically appears.

If you are playing multihand blackjack, you have the option to bet on one hand and use just one free bet.  Alternatively, you can wager on up to five hands simultaneously and exhaust five free bets in one go.

Bets typically range in size from $1 to $2.  The number of free bets also varies and can tip the scales at around 15 or 20 individual wagers.  In currency terms, the total value of the online blackjack bonus is anything between $15 and $40.

Those are the fundamental facts of the Juicy Casino bonus.  Now let’s move on to the juicy perks…

Key Features of Juicy Stakes Blackjack Free Bets Bonuses

What really drives the merits of a bonus?  In this context, it is not so much the cash value of the bonus.  Rather, it is the potential gains generated by the complimentary bets.

As you are no doubt aware, all free offers at Juicy Casino are subject to certain rules.  These rules outline the really significant stuff, such as:

  • How much of the spoils generated by the free bets you are entitled to?
  • What you have to do in order to withdraw the loot?

In the case of the Blackjack Free Bets bonus, the rules are pretty relaxed.  In fact, the max cashout limit is $250, which is generous to say the least.

Now to the playthrough, aka. wagering requirement.  This is the number of times you have to bet the equivalent value of the winnings at Juicy Stakes Casino.  In this instance, the playthrough is just 25 x.  The best part is that you have a full five days in which to achieve the rollover.

Once you have fulfilled the wagering requirement, the winnings are transferred from your bonus balance to the cash balance in your Juicy Casino account.  Once that happens, there is nothing stopping you from requesting a withdrawal of the bonus bounty!

Why Blackjack Free Bets Bonuses are so Popular

Why do patrons claim online casino bonuses?  To win money, of course!  When you do not have to use your own hard-earned cash in pursuit of the prizes, the victory is simply that much sweeter.

At Juicy Casino, there are two main gaming categories – the so-called games of fortune like, online slots, online roulette and money wheel games.  Then there are the games of skill...  These are the titles experienced gamblers play as a matter of choice.

Why are skill-based games a first choice for more experienced players?  This is because, unlike luck-based games of chance, it is possible to increase the probability of winning.  All that is required is the implementation of specific skills and strategies unique to each game.

What Skill-Based Games Are Available at Juicy Casino?

Juicy Casino has the perfection selection of games of skill.  This includes the likes of video poker, Let It Ride, Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud, all of which fall within the skilled gaming category.  This is, of course, in addition to online blackjack in all its various guises.

When you learn how to play games of skill online in the theoretically perfect way, there are two possible outcomes.  You could become a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, which is admittedly unlikely… or you lower the built-in advantage the house.

Reducing the edge can have a material impact on your Juicy Stakes Casino account.  Play your cards right and you can boost the long-term payout rate.  This ultimately means is more money in the proverbial bank… and by claiming Blackjack Free Bets at Stakes Casino, you really can build a substantial bankroll – on the house!

Tangente Blackjack Games with Neat Rules for Players

Some online blackjack games developed by Tangente Gaming have table rules that favour you, the player.   These are the games that can give you the edge.  When Blackjack Free Bets bonuses are open-ended, or there is a selection of qualifying games, here are the titles to target and why:

  • Blackjack 21 – you can double down on any two cards and, more importantly, doubling is permitted after the split.
  • Single Box Blackjack – splitting of up to four hands is allowed.
  • Face Up 21 – both the dealer’s cards are exposed.
  • Double Draw Blackjack – you can redraw on hand values of 15, 16 or 17.

When you use our free bets, you have nothing to lose.  As a result, you can occasionally implement a high risk, high reward style of gameplay.  That said, it is vitally important to follow the strategy corresponding to the particular game.  That is if you want to gain a profit anywhere near the maximum cashout limit!

Sign Up and Login to Juicy Casino Now

Do you want to reap the benefits of free bets on online blackjack?  Here are a few easy steps that enable unlimited access to our instant play and download platforms, the real money casino games, and the bonuses:

  1. Hit the ‘Join Now’ button at the top left of the page.
  2. Enter your details on the online submission form.
  3. Login to Juicy Stakes Casino.
  4. Transfer funds into your account via the banking method of your choice.
  5. If available, get free bets on online blackjack… along with our free spins welcome offer!

Free gaming is yours for the taking right here and right now.  Register a Juicy Stakes Casino account, login, deposit and play!  You won’t be disappointed.


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