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Bitcoin may be volatile but as a deposit and cashout option at Juicy Stakes Casino, it is tops.  What is in it for players?  How about ease, convenience, transparency and transactional speed?  If that doesn’t quite convince you to swop out USD for BTC, maybe the next few revelations will!

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Before we get into exactly why Bitcoin is the best banking method at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, here is what you need to know about the ground-breaking innovation.  Bitcoin is essentially digital cash.  It is not tangible and has no defined form but has the paying power of genuine currency.

In the simplest of terms, Bitcoin is really a kind of mobile application or computer algorithm that you can install on your PC or smartphone.  In layman’s terms, the app or algorithm is a personalised wallet that issues a line of code known as a Bitcoin address, which is unique to only you.

How Bitcoin Deposits Work

Once you have loaded the wallet with Bitcoin, which you have purchased on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are ready to make your first deposit at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Here is how it works.

The BTC casino deposit is sent from your address to another address, designated to Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  The transaction is enabled via the digital wallet stored on your device.  The transaction is then verified in a process called data mining and the funds are available in your casino account – usually at the speed of light!

What Security Features Does Bitcoin Have?

How are transactions protected from prying eyes?  The first thing to bear in mind is crypto transactions are anonymous.  In other words, there is no link between the deposit at Juicy Stakes Online Casino and your personal identify or bank account.  Secondly, BTC transactions are encrypted and protected by a digital signature, known as a private key.

With state of art verification and protection protocols in place, it is virtually impossible to steal or divert Bitcoin – or any other cryptocurrency for that matter – en route from your wallet to Juicy Stakes Casino.

BTC Casino Cashouts Processed in 48 Hours

Cashouts are facilitated in exactly the same way but in reverse.  It does, however, take a little longer to process the funds – usually around 48 working hours.

Prior to that, Juicy Stakes Casino does impose a pending period that is used to verify your identify – and check that the requested withdrawal does in fact consist of legitimate winnings.  As a result, you may have to wait a while for the BTC to show up in your wallet.

Besides the heightened level of security and protection that Bitcoin transactions provide, there is another major advantage players at Juicy Stakes can exploit.

Decentralised, Unregulated and Tax-Free

As Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that is not regulated by a central authority, like the Federal Reserve, any winnings accrued and held in BTC are tax-free.  The key phrase here is ‘held in BTC’.  The moment you convert the winnings into cash, you have to pay a percentage to the internal revenue collectors in your particular jurisdiction.

No Middleman Means No Fees

When you use Bitcoin as your preferred deposit and withdrawal method at Juicy Stakes Casino, tax avoidance is not the only boon for players just like you.  You will save hands down on transactional fees too, as there are no extra charges for using your Bitcoin wallet to fund your online gambling sessions.  How come?

Transfers are conducted directly between your wallet and the casino.  As a result, there is no third-party middleman to claim a slice of your deposits or withdrawals.  Now that is a boom not a bust if ever there was one!

Find the Best Bitcoin Online Casino Bonuses Here

Now for the Bitcoin showstopper.  At Juicy Stakes Casino we like to reward players for using BTC as their chosen payment processor.  As a result, we often feature dedicated Bitcoin bonuses on our casino offers page.  What form do the bonuses take?

In some cases, they are bigger and better free spins bonuses on select Betsoft, World Match or Nucleus online video slots.  In others, they are deposit bonuses that have been liberally sweetened with higher percentage cash matches and larger free funds caps.

Whatever form they take; one thing is for sure… Bitcoin online casino bonuses are yet another way of boosting the balance in your casino account – and that means boom, boom and boom!

6 Reasons to Use BTC as Your Online Casino Payment Processor

Here is a quick recap of the core advantages of using Bitcoin at Juicy Stakes Casino:

  • Super quick transactional speeds
  • High levels of security and protection
  • Maximised privacy
  • Tax free winnings
  • Zero fees
  • Bitcoin bonuses

Do Something Revolutionary – Buy BTC and Sign Up at Juicy Stakes!

Do you want to capitalise on a payment method that is revolutionary in terms of savings and security?  Of course you do – and here is what it entails:

Step 1 - Install a Bitcoin wallet on your device and buy Bitcoin via an online platform

Step 2 – Register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino, visit the cashier and select BTC as your deposit option

Step 3 - Follow the online prompts and you will have a bankroll at your disposal in no time at all – it really is as easy as that!


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