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Archibald is an intrepid adventurer.  He travels to exotic destinations in search of treasure.  You too can join Archibald in his quest for untold wealth in one of three magically animated 3D slots.  Hold up!  There is even better news than that…

Build the Bedrock of the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus

What can be better than cashing in on the gambling equivalent of Indiana Jones?  Earning a bucket-load of FPPs.  What are FPPs?  They are frequent player points and the bedrock of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!  More about that later.

Benefit from a Surplus of Bonus Features

Besides the inscrutable Archibald who, by the way, can pull off the most awesome dance moves, there is a lot more to the adventure slots than what meets the eye.  A surplus of bonus features, for instance – or the unique way the symbols slot onto the reels.

Be Amazed by the Wonderful In-Slot Entertainment

How about the audio?  The animations?  The themes?  Categorically fabulous all around!  Coins rain down from top of the reels to announce prodigious payouts.  Symbols rotate on their own axes when they are involved in payline wins…

African masks, fragrantly scented frangipani flowers and ancient Mayan symbols depicting K’uk and Chan speak of mysterious, long forgotten other worlds.  All the while Archibald grins gormlessly as he waits for the next opportunity to do the shimmy and shake.

That is the theatre behind Archibald’s’ Mayan Ruins, Archibald’s Discovering Africa and Archibald’s Oriental Tales 3D slots.  Now for the stuff, the loot, the filthy lucre that has made Juicy Stakes Casino slots legends of their time.

Earn a Bounty of FPPs Playing World Match Slots

Before we dive into the facts and figures, listen up.  World Match slots are capable of awarding more Loyalty Program Frequent Player Points (FPP) than the equivalents developed by our other software brands.  That is a big deal.  More points mean more rapid access to the free cash Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus… and who doesn’t want a slice of that?

Take Advantage of Generous Pay Tables

One of the most pleasing aspects of Archibald’s adventure slots are the generous pay tables.  In fact, there isn’t a top pay under the 1,000 x mark.  With betting levels ranging from $0.02 to $2.00 and 50 paylines in play, that equates to a pretty penny in anyone’s estimation.

Win More with Wild Multipliers in 2 of 3 Archibald’s Adventure Slots

Now, two of the Archibald slots are imbued with wild multipliers.  When the wild is involved in payline wins, you get double the money in the Mayan Ruins and Discovering Africa slot.  Pop across to the Orient and the wild is conventional in every way.

What does that mean in the greater scheme of things?  You can win more money at Juicy Stakes Casino when you hit the trail to Africa and Central America.  That is, however, only one bonus element in what appears to be a bottomless pit of rewards.

Bank Free Spins and Large Scatter Wins

The scatter symbol is desired for two reasons.  It pays up to 100 x the total stake in all three adventure slots.  It is also the key that unlocks the free spins bonus game.  In a slight variation from the norm, you have to select a scatter to get your allocation of free spins.

That rule applies exclusively to Archibald’s Oriental Tales and Mayan Ruins slots.  Visit Africa instead and the number of scatters is commensurate with an allotment of free game time that maxes out at 20 free spins.

In reality, that means the only slot where you are guaranteed free spins is Archibald’s Discovering Africa.  How come?  In the other two games there is always the chance you will pick the scatter with zero free spins hidden beneath!

Tap into the Win Multipliers in Free Spins

Free spins are a blast and that is a given!  When you play Archibald’s 3D adventure slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, free spins can be veritable treasure troves.  The reason…?  There are win multipliers of 2 x or 3 x in all three slots.  That is hot – almost too hot to handle in the figurative sense!

What is next on the smorgasbord of bonus features?  There are random symbol surprises or symbol blasts that effectively give you two bites of the cherry.  The big hurrah, however, is the pick me bonus game that populates all three slots.

Bust the Bank with the Pick Me Bonus Games

In each of the bonus games you have to pick one of four appropriately themed icons – Mayan pyramids, African elephants and bridges.  It is then up to Archibald to do his thing and scoop up a cache of gold coins in the process.

At the end of the game, you are awarded the cash equivalent of the treasure… and my, the prizes can be quite heart-stopping in value.  It is one of those time when playing slots at Juicy Stakes Casino can be spectacularly rewarding!

Core Variable Features in Archibald’s Adventure Slots

We want you to have a rollicking time with our fearless adventurer.  As a result, we have listed the core features that vary ever so slightly in Archibald’s Adventure slots.  Here they are:

Archibald’s Slots

Top Payout

Wild Multiplier

Max Scatter Win

Free Spins

Mayan Ruins

1,000 x

2 x

100 x

Random + 3 x win multiplier

Discovering Africa

1,500 x

2 x

100 x

Up to 20 free spins

Oriental Tales

1,500 x


100 x

Random + 3 x win multiplier

The Nuts and Bolts of the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus

We mentioned we would fill you in on the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  You now know FPPs are automatically awarded based on your betting activity.  Once the accumulated FPPS have reached a certain threshold, they become Gold Chips.

Gold Chips are convertible into free cash, which is made available to players in increments of $5. That, lucky punters, is the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus in a nutshell.


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