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The rake schedule at Juicy Stakes Poker determines more than the house comm.  It is an indelible reference point to your loyalty status.  Here is why the rake schedule is integral to your access to a tranche of no deposit bonuses.

What is Rake in Poker?

If you frequent Juicy Stakes Casino, you are no doubt aware of the house edge.  It is a small percentage of all bets placed over time on any of the games that the casino retains.  The edge is effectively built-in and varies from one online casino games category and variant to the next.

Online poker rooms like Juicy Stakes Poker do not have the luxury of built-in income.  Unlike casino games, where patrons play against the house, cash games like Texas Holdem and Omaha are contested between the players.  All are vying to win a prize pot funded by themselves in the form of ante and raise bets.

As a result, the only way we can earn moneys to cover expenses – such as maintaining our awesome software – is by taking a commission, or fee, for hosting the poker games online.  That fee is known as the rake.

How is Rake Calculated?

As with the house edge, the rake is calculated as a percentage.  It is automatically deducted from each pot and varies according to the stake and the number of players at the table.  As games are available in different limits and at various stakes, a rake schedule is required to assist players in their quest for value games.

The rake in cash games is taken from the pot.  How about the commission charged for access to our tournaments and sit n go’s?  In this context, the rake is posted alongside the buy-in and the two amounts are paid as a lump sum.

As an example, one of our legendary Sundowner tournaments has a buy-in of $15 + $1.50.  In this scenario, the admission fee for the event is $15, which is added to the prize pool.  The $1.50 is the rake.  Together with our rake schedule , the way in which we structure our tournament fees provides full transparency to all our players, all the time.

Is the Rake Percentage Universal?

That said, the rake in poker is not set in stone.  It varies from one poker room to the next.  Depending on where you choose to play poker online, the rake can be as much as 10% or 12% of the total pot.  What is generally accepted across the board is that the rake is higher on tournaments than ring or cash games.  Tournament rakes can reach 20% or more – double that of cash games…

To ensure players are not ripped off, the best poker sites like Juicy Stakes Poker impose rake caps.  In other words, when you play our cash games, the maximum rake that is allowed to be deducted is clearly outlined in the Juicy Stakes Poker rake structure.

Determine Rake Via Our Rake Schedule

As we want you to know precisely what you are in for when you play poker at Juicy Stakes, we have designed an onsite rate calculator.  By selecting the game, limit, stake and number of players from the drop-down menus, our rate calculator automatically calculates the rake in either USD or EUR.

What is more, you can establish the rake structure at Juicy Stakes Poker from the rake schedule .  To save you the effort, we have provided a brief snapshot of the rake and cap on our ring games, based on the stakes and number of players involved:

Rake on Juicy Stakes Poker Ring Games



$ Cap for 2 Players

$ Cap for 3 to 4 Players

$ Cap for 5 or More Players

$0.02/$0.40 – 2/4





5/10 – 30/60





50/100 And higher





The rake on our multi-table tournaments is set at 10% regardless of the buy-in.  Our sit n go’s have a floating rate of between 3% and 11%  depending on the size of the buy-in.

How Does the Rake Impact Your Loyalty Status?

The rake may be our incentive to provide the best cash games and tournaments online.  That said, it is also used to determine the number of Frequent Player Points you are awarded simply for playing poker online.  The higher the rake, the greater the number of FPPs you earn, and the closer you are to redeeming a free cash no deposit bonus!

At Juicy Stakes Poker, the rake to FPPs earning rate is as follows:

  • 1 FPP for every $1 raked in ring games
  • 7 FPPs for every $1 raked in tournament fees

As we operate on a ‘dealt rake’ model, every player at a cash game table earns FPPs… whether they have contributed to the pot or not.  By scanning the rate calculator, you can quickly ascertain what you can earn in terms of FPPs.

At Juicy Stakes Poker, FPPs establish your status in the loyalty levels rewards program.  They are also convertible into Gold Chips which, in turn, can be exchanged for wads of real money.

By keeping track of your FPP balance and finding the poker games with the highest rake via the rake schedule , you can accelerate access to a steady stream of no deposit bonuses paid out in $5 increments!

Track and Request Rakeback

The rake in poker is a mandatory component of gaming online.  It is the equivalent of renting a seat at the table.  It is also instrumental in your rise through the multi-tier and multi-level loyalty rewards program, where higher stakes, bigger bonuses and instant cash prizes await.

We don’t take all the rake.  At Juicy Stakes Poker, we offer 36% rakeback to all our players!  All you have to do is calculate your rake using the rake schedule , track your rakeback progress onsite and request your rakeback via email.  It is truly as easy as that!

If you are not already a member of the Juicy Stakes gaming network, register an account now.  You will have access to both our poker room and online casino through the same player account!  Join Juicy Stakes and play our top-rated poker games to get your share of the rakeback – and maximise your loyalty rewards simultaneously!


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