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Juicy Stakes Casino is known for an eclectic selection of games.  Flip through the titles listed under the game development brands and you will find multiple versions of online roulette.  The challenge is to find the best roulette in terms of the rules, bet types and payout rate.

General Norms Apply to Roulette at Land-Based Casinos

At land-based casinos, there are broad assumptions that can be applied to the original versions of roulette.  What are the original roulettes?  They are the three key variants; American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette – all of which are available at the Juicy Stakes instant play platform.

American Roulette - Lower Probability of Winning

In American Roulette, for instance, the wheel has a double zero configuration.  By adding an extra pocket, the probability of winning is reduced and the house edge rises.  That is obviously a drawback for players who know their stuff – whether at the Bellagio, the Casino de Monte Carlo or right here at Stakes Casino!

European Roulette – Enhanced Win Rate

European Roulette, on the other hand, has a single zero.  The win probability is accordingly higher and the advantage to the house is less.  Other than that, the rules and bet types are matched in both the American and European versions of the game.

French Roulette – Combination Bet Types

When it comes to French Roulette, a few of the rules and bet types are totally unique.  The wheel configuration and standard bets are exactly the same as European Roulette.  However, there is a second betting layout featuring a host of additional wagers known as call bets, combination bets or French bets.

Player-Favourable Roulette Rules

What is arguably more noteworthy is the addition of one or both of the La Partage or En Prison rules.  Both these rules are favourable to players and kick in when the ball lands in the zero pocket.

  • When the La Partage is in-play, half of all even money bets are returned to players
  • When the En Prison rule is enforced, all outside bets are imprisoned on the layout for an additional spin.  If a bet wins, the standard 1:1 odds apply.

    In American and European Roulette, all outside bets are automatically forfeited to the casino when the outcome of the spin is zero.

    Bet Types, Layouts and Rules Are Blurred Online

    What we have outlined above are generic assumptions referring to American, European and French Roulette at the brick-and-mortar casinos.  When it comes to online gambling platforms, like Juicy Stakes Casino, the bet types, layouts and rules have become blurred – hence the challenge in finding the best online roulette.

    Whether you are playing roulette at a casino in Vegas or on the instant play platform at Stakes Casino, there is one tip we can share.  Avoid the American version of the game.  It has the lowest average return to player (RTP).

    It’s a Toss Up Between French and European Online Roulette

    The toss up is now between European and French Roulette.  With only those two variants in play, surely the French version is the best?  The answer is… ‘yes and no’.

    When it comes to betting versatility, French Roulette is a clear winner.  It is arranged under the World Match tab at Juicy Stakes Casino and available in Standard, Pro and Privee modes, denoting three betting levels.

    The Authentically French Online Casino Game

    When you open French Roulette in your browser, you have instant access to an authentically French online casino game with a wonderful array of standard and combination roulette bets – Rouge or Noir, Manque or Passe, Plein, Cheval, Quatre Premier, Finale, La Tiers di Cylindre and several more!

    Get One of the Best Payout Rates

    The online version of French Roulette may have an exciting array of bet types but when it comes player favourable rules, it does not quite meet expectations.  That said, the French Roulette at Juicy Stakes Casino has a payout percentage of more than 97%... one of the best RTPs you are likely to find in a game of fortune!

    With American and French Roulette out of the running, which online roulette game is the best?  By process of elimination, it has to be the European variant… and it is.

    Why the Hamburg Variant of Online European Roulette is Best

    At Juicy Stakes Casino we feature both the standard and Hamburg variants of European Roulette.  When it boils down to isolating the best, the latter version of the game wins hands down.  How come?

    The Hamburg version of European Roulette has a rule remarkably similar to the La Partage rule – you know, the one that is only ever found in French Roulette at the land-based casinos?

    Benefit from the Lowest House Edge of the Genre

    The Hamburg rule states that when the ball lands on zero, half of any outside bet is returned.  What is the impact of rule?  It lowers the house edge from 2.70% to just 1.35%... and that is a big deal!

    Where can you find the Hamburg version of European Roulette at Stakes Casino?  Truth be told, it is the benchmark when it comes to the European versions of the game arranged under the Betsoft Gaming tab.

    Play European Roulette at Standard or High Roller Bet Levels at Stakes Casino

    When all is said and done, Betsoft’s version of European Roulette contains the best gaming elements of both the French and European variants.  Besides the player-positive rule, the Euro-centric casino game at Juicy Stakes is playable in a standard and VIP betting format!

    Enjoy a Fast and User-Friendly Account Registration Process… NOW

    Do you want to take your chances betting on the outcome of the roulette wheel?  Registering an online account at Juicy Stakes is quick and easy.  All you have to do is hit the ‘Join Now’ button and follow the prompts.  You will be a signed up member in no time!


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