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When there is a joker in the pack, the probability of winning money at Juicy Stakes Casino is vastly improved.  That is a truism applicable to multiple card games online… and video poker is no exception.  The key to even greater gains lies is in the type of Joker Poker you choose to play.

When it comes to the odds, there is only one Joker Poker in contention – and that is the standard game listed under the Tangente tab.  Not only are there two additional paying combinations in-play – but the payouts for a flush through to a wild royal flush are that much more generous than the enigmatically named ‘Double’ variation.

What is Joker Poker?

What lies at the heart of Joker Poker?  A wild card in the form of the joker.  It is a bonus card that substitutes for any other card to form winning pokers hands, thereby boosting probability.  It is also a flexible addition to the pack, generating two unique poker hands – the wild royal flush and five of a kind.

Due to the joker, which crops up every 10 or so game rounds, Joker Poker is one of the more adrenalin-pumping video pokers at Stakes Casino.  It is fast moving, available in one up to 25 lines and generates payouts commensurate with the number of coins staked.

Play Up to 25 Hands at Once

In essence, that means you can play up to 25 hands simultaneously.  When you are lucky and get dealt a great opening hand, you can bank a whack of cash.  On the downside, the total stake increases 24-fold and there is no guarantee every hand – or even the majority of hands – will be a winner.

What is the Difference Between Joker Poker and Double Joker Poker?

What differentiates standard Joker Poker from Double Joker Poker?  Using the game titles as a clue, you are probably thinking the ‘Double’ version of the game offers something extra.  An extra payout?  Double the jackpot… or as per the name – double jokers?

Well, the latter game title is a bit deceiving in this instance.  Rather than Double Joker Poker claiming the gambling kudos, it is the standard version that provides a lot more zing in terms of winning combos and dollar payouts.

A Pay Table Comparison: Double Joker Poker vs Joker Poker

Here is a comparison of how the two games stack up on the respective pay tables at Juicy Stakes Casino – with the maximum five-coin bet in play:

Poker Hand

Double Joker Poker

Joker Poker

Royal Flush



Wild Royal Flush



Five of a Kind



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Three of a Kind



Two Pair



Kings of Better



What obviously stands out is the marked discrepancies in payouts.  In Joker Poker, the three high paying poker hands – royal flush, wild royal flush and five of kind – pay precisely double that of Double Joker Poker.  Only the low paying combinations, from a two pair to a straight, are evenly matched.

Kings or Better Improves the Odds

That is one key element that defines Joker Poker as the far better game.  The other is the fact it pays for a pair of kings and up.  In reality, that means there are two extra ways to win in the standard game – a pair of kings and a pair of aces… and that automatically improves the odds!

Ask any seasoned gambler at Juicy Stakes Casino and they will tell you to always play the game that pays from a pair and up.  Why?  It is simple.  You have a 1 in 7.14 chance of hitting a pair – and that makes all the difference to your long-term win rate.

No Jackpot Prizes in Compensation

Take a high pair out the equation and the odds get progressively longer and with it, your chances of hitting paying poker hands.  What is worth noting is there is nothing in terms of jackpot prizes to compensate for the foreshortened pay table.

Now, back to the original question – which version of Joker Poker is the best at Juicy Stakes Casino?  As we have unequivocally proved, it is the standard game, developed by Tangente Gaming, that grabs gold… and by a long shot!

Best Joker Poker Strategy Applicable to Both Variants

You know which game to load in your browser, now how about the best way to play the game?  In the case of Joker Poker, there are two defined strategies – one that refers to an opening hand containing a joker, and one without.

Joker Poker Strategy with a Joker In-Hand

  • Four of a kind and up – hold or discard odd card in four of a kind
  • Four to a wild royal flush – discard odd card
  • Full house – hold all cards
  • Four to a straight flush – discard odd card
  • Flush – hold
  • Three of a kind – discard odd two cards
  • Straight – hold
  • Four to a flush – discard odd card
  • Three to a royal flush or straight – discard odd two cards
  • Three to a straight flush – as above
  • Joker with J-Q-K, 10-J-K or 10-Q-K – discard odd card
  • Four to a straight – as above
  • Four to a flush – as above
  • Joker plus three consecutive cards – as above
  • Joker with A or K – discard odd three cards
  • Keep the Joker – discard remaining four cards

Joker Poker Strategy with No Joker In-Hand

  • Hold royal flush and wild royal flush
  • Four to a royal flush – discard odd card
  • Four of a kind – discard odd card
  • Full house or flush – hold
  • Four to straight flush – discard odd card
  • Three of a kind – discard odd two cards
  • Straight – hold
  • Three to a royal flush – discard odd two cards
  • Two pairs – discard odd card
  • Pair of Kings or Aces – discard odd three cards
  • Four to a flush – discard odd card
  • Three to a straight flush - discard odd two cards
  • Pair of Queens and down – discard odd three cards
  • 10-J-Q-K – discard odd card
  • A-K suited - discard odd three cards
  • 10-K, J-K or Q-K – discard odd three cards
  • 10-A, J-A, Q-A suited – as above
  • A or K – discard remaining four cards
  • 10-J, 10-Q, J-Q suited – discard odd three cards
  • Otherwise discard all five cards

Login to Juicy Stakes Casino and Play Video Poker Now!

Video poker, and by extension Joker Poker, has one of the highest average payout rates at Stakes Casino.  It is easy to play and the strategies listed above are based on common sense.  All that is left for you to do is login to Juicy Stakes Casino, hit the Tangente tab, and play Joker Poker – the standard version, of course!


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