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Shooting dice at our Juicy Stakes Casino is synonymous with gaming.  It is fast, it is fun… and if you know which bets to make, you can win a few dollars too!  Here are the bets you can use to build a winning craps strategy that’s as good as it gets.

What is the Best Way to Win at Craps?

Let us be clear on one thing.  Craps falls squarely into the same gaming category as online slots and online roulette. Bets win or lose purely at random – and whatever the resulting outcome may be, it is all comes down to pure luck.

In the case of craps, it is the pips on the dice that determine the outcome of a round.  There is absolutely no way for anyone to predict which numbers will come up.  All anyone can do is take their best guess and… hope for the best!

As with online roulette, there is a wide selection of available bets.  Play craps online at Stakes Casino and you have a choice of 13 bet types.  If that does not intimidate you, how about the fact there are 38 individual bets to pick and choose from…

What bamboozles new players is not only the sheer quantity of craps bets – but it is what they are named.  There are Come and Don’t Come bets, Place Win and Place Lose bets, Buy bets, Lay bets, Any 7 bets… and so on.  Heck, it is enough to make you want to cut and run!

The good news is that it isn’t the amount of bets or even the names of the bets you have to worry about.  What you should instead focus on are the payouts and odds.  When it comes to the best way to win at craps, they are your only point of reference.

To ensure you have a better-than-average chance of winning, we have whittled down the best betting options on your behalf.  All you need to do is login to Juicy Stakes Casino and load the Nucleus Gaming version of craps on your desktop or phone.

The Key Determining Factor is the House Edge

Once you have logged into Stakes Casino, you can use our recommended craps betting strategy as your own.  What are the tactics you should adopt?  That is easy.  It all boils down to that significant factor known as the house edge.

The house edge is basically the odds advantage, which all casinos have, whether you play online or at a land-based casino.  Take the straight up numbers bet in European Roulette as an example.  This is a bet on one of 37 numbered slots on the wheel ranging from 0 to 36.

The true odds on this bet is 37:1, yet the bet only pays out at odds of 35:1.  That two-point differential creates an edge of 2.703%.  The outside even money bets, on the other hand, are basically break-even bets.  They have the lowest edge of the game.

Play any game at Stakes Casino and your focus should be on only that one factor we mentioned, and that is to play the low edge bets.  When you do that, you have a fair chance of covering your bases and gaining a profit in this fun game of fortune!

Top Three Bets in Stakes Casino Online Craps

In online craps, the bets to zoom in on are the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line and Come and Don’t Come bets.  They may only pay out at 1:1 odds but they have a low edge.  With an advantage to the house of only 1.36%, the Don’t Come bet is tops.  Hot on its heels is the Pass Line bet, with an equally meagre edge of 1.41%.

Playing only low-paying bets is a low-risk, low-return gaming strategy.  It is ideal for new players at Stakes Casino but may not be everybody’s idea of fun.  Plenty of time and patience is required to accumulate winnings.  Even then, there is always a chance of losing your entire bankroll… albeit slowly.

What you can do is to shake things up a bit.  One way to do that is to place a 6 or 8 bet on either – or both – the two numbers rather than the point.  The payout is 6:5 and the edge just 1.52%!

Craps Bets to Avoid

We have looked at the craps bets that can provide a sure and steady return.  How about the worst bets in online craps?  The options that may look great but are fraught with danger?  We now know the house edge is the yardstick and that the low-edge bets are the best.  When it comes to the bad bets, the advantage to the house tells the story.

Here are four bets you can safely ignore when you play craps for real money at Stakes Casino.  That is unless you enjoy chasing the odds and are more than happy to take on the risk!  They are:

Horn bets: These pay at odds of 15:1 or 30:1 when the shooter rolls 3 and 11 and 2 and 12, respectively.  The probability of both those numbers coming up simultaneously is slim, at best.  More importantly, these single-roll bets have an edge of 13.89%!

Any 7 bets:  These bets win when the pips on both dice equal seven, with very poor odds.  You can expect winnings to occur at 4:1 odds, but a 16.67% edge is enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

Field bets: When the shooter rolls 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 or 2 or 12, a field bet will pay out.  The odds are 1:1 and 2:1, respectively.  That said, what makes this a bad bet is an edge that can max out at more than 5%.

Any Craps bet: This bet pays 7:1 when 2, 3 or 12 is rolled in – but, again, an edge of 11.11% is the spoiler!

Sign Up at Juicy Stakes Casino and Play Craps Online… Your Way!

Gaming strategies are not cast in stone.  They can be adjusted to suit your bankroll and playing style.  Experienced craps players typically hedge their bets.  They do this by placing the options with the highest odds alongside safe bets like the Pass and Come bets.

If you really want to throw caution to the wind and play the high-risk, potentially high-reward bets of the game, why not save it for 4 December.  What happens on that day?  It is National Dice Day – and a great way to pay homage to the ancient gaming tool that you get to enjoy in Craps at Stakes Casino!

Either way, the choice is yours.  You can exercise caution when you play online casino games, or you can ‘go all in’ and gun for the odds that really are sumptuous in value.  At the end of the day, there is no right way of playing craps. There is only your way!


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