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You can play video poker online at the Juicy Stakes online casino where you’ll find a wide array of casino amenities including lucrative bonuses, easy ebanking, a 24/7 support line, download and instant play platforms and much more!

Poker Online

Poker was one of the first games to be incorporated into the early French Riviera casinos of the 18th and 19th centuries and it has continued to be the main attraction at casinos around the world ever since then.

Traveling to a casino, paying for accommodations and other expenses and paying at the casino’s high-stakes poker tables has not been an accessible option for most gamers over the years but poker aficionados found their own ways to enjoy their favorite games.

Ranchers and settlers in America’s Wild West were famous for their raucous poker games that were played in salons or on the prairie surrounded by covered wagons and in neighborhoods worldwide, neighbors and friends would gather for friendly games of 5-card Draw, 5-card Stud or any other poker variation that suited their fancy.

Today, regardless of where you are and when you want to play you can sign into your free online casino account and enjoy video poker play for free or for real cash prizes. You can play video poker online at home or on the road, on your PC gaming device or your mobile, at any time and from any location.

The video poker casino features a wide range of poker options to give you a poker experience that suits your individual gaming level, interests, gaming experience background and betting preference.

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Advantages of Video Poker

Many poker players find it difficult to find the exact poker variation that they prefer but online players can simply click into the poker game that suits their personal interests and expectations. The online casino features multiple types of poker including poker games that include wild cards, poker games that utilize multiple decks of cards, poker games that give special bonuses to specific cards, poker games with progressive jackpots and side bets and more.

You can choose the game that you want to play immediately or play the games for free to find your preferred game before you choose the poker variation that you want to play for real money. The Free Mode is totally free and allows you to practice games, try different variations out and learn more about each type of poker before you play for cash prizes.

Many budget poker players find themselves excluded from Vegas casinos because they don’t wager at the required Vegas table limits. Vegas casinos want to make sure that there’s always room at the poker tables for the high-stakes players.

Yet when you play online you can enjoy the poker game of your choice whenever and from wherever you wish by signing in to play video poker. The Internet casino offers you wagering options that range from one coin per hand and upward so you don’t have to worry about meeting high betting expectations that don’t work for your budget.

When you play at the online casino you can add any of multiple casino bonuses to your gaming event. Whereas land-based casinos give you bonuses that translate into discounts on hotel stays and casino meals, the online casino’s bonuses are real money give-aways that allow you to add free cash, match credits and bonus points to your gaming activities.

These bonuses are real money bonuses and you can collect the payouts in the form of real cash rewards.

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Online Video Poker

Poker is one of the few casino games where winning is governed by skill as well as luck. For that reason, seasoned casino players prefer to play poker because, they understand, they have more control over the results of the game. Obviously, the cards that you’re dealt are a matter of luck but what you do with those cards depends on the decisions that you make and the understanding that you have of how you should play each hand.

If you want to win at poker there are some basic steps that you can take to lower the house edge and increase your odds of success. They include:

    1. Regardless of the poker variation that you’re playing, you should be aware of the basic strategy for that specific poker variation. The basic strategy for each poker variation is different, depending on whether the game favors high cards, involves a wild card, is played with one or multiple decks or cards, etc. The main point is, whichever poker game that you’re playing, you should make sure that you know the basic strategy for that variation so that you can make the right moves at each juncture.
    2. Find out what the house edge is for each video poker variation and then proceed accordingly. Some of the house edges for the most popular video poker machines include 5.22% house edge for Caribbean Stud poker, 3.37% house edge for 3-card games, 3.51% for Let it Ride and 0.46% (!) for Jacks or Better.
    3. Practice your chosen game in the casino’s Free Mode to learn the game, its levels and the various elements of the game. Only sign in to play for real money when you feel confident that you have mastered the game.