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Joining an online poker room such as Juicy Stakes Poker can be a very exciting moment!  You fill out the registration, all the while looking forward to the excitement of poker online, at your fingertips, whenever you have the time and inclination to play!

You decide to take a bonus from Juicy Stakes and enlist the correct poker bonus code to do so.  You have been playing poker with friends for years and you fancy yourself a pretty good player.

A Friendly Game is a Friendly Game

But poker with friends and poker online are two different types of poker!  Your friends probably don’t bluff very often; they play to be lucky rather than to take a win that was “rightfully” someone else’s.  And at the end of the long night of poker, the winners take the losers to breakfast!

This is not to say that online poker is unfriendly.  It means that there will be a lot of bluffing and since the players likely live hundreds if not thousands of miles apart, there will be no celebratory breakfasts!

Players are of a Type

Ge4nerally, four types of poker players are recognized.  We have tight and loose and we have aggressive and passive.  So a player can be tight aggressive or tight passive and, similarly loose aggressive or loose passive.

But we feel that you should be aware of other types of poker players.  You will likely fall into one of these categories yourself and your opponents in online poker will also fall into one or more categories.

Poker Players Might be Sentimental or they Might be Cold and without Emotion

At Juicy Stakes, you can chat with your opponents.  We suggest that you gently probe through chat to find out what your opponents are sentimental about and what they genuinely don’t care about.

Every poker player has a weakness of sorts not specifically in poker but in general everyday stuff.  Is an opponent devoted to his or her pet?  Does he like going to the mountains to hike?  Does she have traditionally feminine interests such as crochet or knitting or is she more modern with more “masculine” activities?  We can’t say exactly how such knowledge might help you but a bluff against an opponent who thinks that you are a fellow dog lover might convince him that you “couldn’t be bluffing”.

Similarly, you might discern that a female opponent is more aggressive than she is letting on.

Cultures are Different

Every poker player brings some of his or her underlying culture to the table.  Sometimes the culture is national in nature such as how Americans play poker as opposed to how people from Singapore might play poker.

Sometimes the “culture” a player brings to the table comes from their family.  We are sure that Phil Helmuth learned to tilt as a young boy.  He leads the professional poker world in tilt by a wide margin!

A good poker player will observe his or her opponents on every hand in order to gather information that will be useful later on.  Does an opponent get impatient when you take a long time to decide your course of action?  How can you know unless you observe his or her actions over the course of the session?

There are many small bits of information that players will telegraph to observant opponents.  Be that observant opponent!

Some Players Overrate their Own Skills

It takes a lot of time and practice to acquire a professional poker player’s sense of what is happening in a game.  Many players see themselves as “professional” in skill if not in actual self-employed reality.  This means that they think that they know more than they actually know.

Many of this type of player will reveal themselves in the chat area.  They can’t resist telling everyone how they saw a hand that they won, or lost, or folded out of!  They want you to know that they know!

It may be difficult to use this information for your own benefit if you identify an opponent as an egotist.  Still, there may be a hand late in a game in which you can turn the player’s proclivity for self-praise into a gigantic win.  usually this happens in a hand in which you have the nuts well-hidden and the egotist thinks that you are bluffing!

Some Players Underrate Themselves

This type of player is usually playing at a stakes level above their skill level.  While it is always possible to find a table of relative beginners playing at an elevated stakes level, most players start out at low stalks and advance to higher stakes only when their skill level has caught up to their desired stakes level.

This type of player should be playing at a lower stakes level but ego or impatience has pushed them to higher stakes and to games with better players.  Now they feel very uncomfortable.  It is often possible to utterly confuse this type of player by making bets that they can’t understand.

On the other hand, diffident players also exist at lower stakes and at all skill levels.  A player who still feels insecure despite having learned a lot about poker should really find a different game to play!  But for many, poker is the only game they can play that gives them the thrill they are looking for.

An insecure player can be compelled to fold a good hand and can be compelled to stay in a hand that they should fold out of!

Some Poker Players Play for Social Contact

These players love to tell stories or to hear stories in the chat area.  You can take their attention away from the game by taking advantage of their proclivity for story-telling!  But social gamblers have personality traits that allow them to fully enjoy the game.

These players usually are very secure in their poker skill.  They have set budgets for poker and for many other activities.  They are very rarely problem gamblers.

Social players are the functional opposite of the egotistical player.  They don’t care so much about winning or losing since they rely on the mantra that you win some and you lose some.  They won’t tilt at a bad beat.  They will also not often be bluffed into folding a winning hand.

Juicy Stakes Poker Has the Poker that Best Suits Your Player Type

We run many poker games at a large range of stakes levels.  Since Juicy Stakes is an online poker room, players can and should easily budget both time and money for poker.  As such, it takes many hour-long poker sessions to truly be able to fathom your online opponents!  Until then, stay within your skill level and financial level and enjoy the games!



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