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Besides a revamped instant play platform and fresh coupon codes, Juicy Stakes Casino has brand-new slots to kick off the silly season.  One is a classic fruit machine with high end bonus features.  The other, a festive season blockbuster by all counts!

Sign Up, Sit Back and Watch the Money Roll In

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so roll up and watch the money roll in!  That is essentially what is in store for you at Juicy Stakes online casino.  We might not be able to guarantee big instant cash wins, but what we can do is offer you cashback bonuses and a gamut of free spins!

That said, the main attraction at Juicy Casino is the games.  As our patrons have become accustomed to, we’ve released the first batch of new titles for December 2021.  Billing the action is Christmas Journey online slot.  It is an atypical kind of real money game developed by the creatives at Nucleus Gaming.

Those who want substantial odds over tinsel and gingerbread men will find our classic 3-reeler hits the spot.  Trixel slot is the latest release from indie developer Bakoo Software Technologies.  It is featured under the World Match tab.  When all is said and done, Trixel is a hybrid between a fruit machine and bonus-enhanced video slot.

The first new Juicy Stakes online casino game is all about dynamic innovation.  The second is conventional gaming at its very best.  Here is a rundown of what you can expect when you load Christmas Journey and Trixel online slots onto your PC, tablet or phone at Juicy Casino!

Play for Cluster Wins in Christmas Journey Slot

From the moment you open the game in your browser, you will know this seasonal slot is something special.  Unlike most online slots, payouts are generated by clusters of matching symbols rather than payline wins.  What is more, the action takes place on an enlarged 5 x 5 grid.

An enlarged grid equates to an extended pay table.  In this Juicy Casino game, clusters of 5 up to 25 identical symbols are eligible for payouts.  Provided the matching symbols are located next to each other, either horizontally or vertically, they award winnings in hard cash.

Here is the kicker.  When the cluster wins are added to your Juicy Casino credit balance, the winning symbols disappear.  Random symbols on the gameboard replicate and fill the empty spaces.  When that happens, there is a good chance you will hit multiple cluster wins on one paid spin!

When we played Christmas Journey slot at Juicy Stakes online casino for a bit of fun, we managed to rack up ten successive cluster spins.  The back-to-back wins stopped when we filled the entire gameboard with a huge cluster of identical symbols.  Our total take was $80.50 on an outlay of just $6.25.  That is an eye-watering increase of 1188%!

Multiplier Enriched Free Spins

That is not where the potentially big paying features end.  On the left of the reels is a bonus meter.  Your job is to fill the meter and unlock the free spins feature.  You do that by hitting clusters of five or more symbols in the order they appear on the meter.

Fill the meter and you are awarded 10 free spins.  During the free game time, the central column on the grid is filled with matching symbols. That, my friends, is a guaranteed cluster win.  Wait – there is more!  It is in the form of an incrementally increasing prize multiplier of up to 10 x!

Besides the ground-breaking gameplay in Christmas Journey slot, there is a wild to boost the probability of hitting multiple cluster wins.  Is this Nucleus Gaming slot destined to become a player favourite at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?  We bet… but why not sign up, login to Juicy Casino and decide for yourself?  It’s worth a spin!

Trixel Slot – A Classic 3 Reel Game with Loads of Features

Where Christmas Journey slot is unorthodox, Trixel is anything but.  It is a conventional Juicy Casino game in every sense of the word.  It has a traditional 3 reel structure – although with 8 paylines – and the typical iconography synonymous with classic slots.

Despite its traditional structure, Trixel has plenty of elements that will not doubt appeal to players.  A very generous pay table is one such feature and a host of bonus icons is another.  You’ll find there is plenty to play for irrespective of the deceiving appearances.

First off, standard payouts max out at 40 x the payline wager.  That is largely thanks to the win multiplier associated with each symbol and posted besides the reels.  A frequently occurring wild symbol is key to maximising the win ratio.

Free Spins and Bonus Wins

If that is not enough to get the juices flowing at Juicy Stakes online casino, here is what will.  Besides the wild, there is a free spin symbol which randomly awards 3, 4 or 5 free spins.  Yet again, there’s more!  Wins are boosted by 1 x, 2 x or 3 x multipliers, respectively.

Then there is a super rewarding X bonus icon.  It is the equivalent of a scatter and unlocks up to three free spins with only X symbols appearing on the reels.  During the special bonus spins, payouts are enhanced by a random multiplier of up to 5 x.

Trixel slot may be a standard online casino game in terms of graphics, animation and audio.  When you weigh up the impact of the bonus features on your Juicy Stakes online casino account… you’ll find that looks can be deceiving.  Based on our experience, Trixel slot is definitely a money spinner!

Login to Juicy Casino and Redeem the Welcome Bonus Coupon NOW!

The only way to fully appreciate what we have to offer is to register an account at Juicy Stakes online casino.  You have the option of a download casino and our mobile-friendly instant play channel.  Whatever operating system you play on, be it Android, iOS or Microsoft, on mobile or on PC, our games are ready to deliver super-charged action this festive season.

Besides our brand-new slots, there is a vast portfolio of online casino games in all the popular categories.  We also guarantee you will find our Juicy Casino bonuses and promotions are as appealing.  Sign up, login – and explore our world of top-rated, high-paying festive slots this December!


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