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Prospective new poker players come to Juicy Stakes Poker every day.  What do they look for and what will they get when they join Juicy Stakes?  In short, what are the benefits that accrue to poker players when they access their Juicy Stakes poker login?

A Plethora of Juicy Stakes Poker Promotions

Juicy Stakes has at this moment 10 separate promotions!  Who can say that the number won’t get to twelve promotions soon?  Here is a very quick rundown on every promotion.  Keep in mind that you can read a longer explanation of each promotion just by accessing the home page and going to the promotions page.

You can do this as a prospective new poker player even without a Juicy Stakes login!

New Players Get a 200% Bonus!

Our great Welcome Package calls for a 200% bonus up to $1000 for your first deposit.  As you will see, $1000 cab go a long way toward giving you great poker excitement, tournament experience, and the chance too parley this money into a much larger amount of winnings!

The Las Vegas Milli Maker

Milli Maker is short for millionaire maker.  This is a set of satellite poker tournaments through which at least one player will be awarded a magnificent package to compete in October in Las Vegas!

As an owner of a Juicy Stakes login, you can be the winner (there could be more than one winner!) of a $4500 package that includes the buy in fee to the Las Vegas tournament, six nights in a top Vegas hotel, and $500 toward travel expenses.

As a reminder that we are still in the corona virus era, one of the provisos listed in detail about this promotion is that all participants in the tournament in Vegas are responsible for their own health vis a vis the corona virus.

This is a kind of reminder that it is safer these days to play poker online since the virus doesn’t pass through the internet!

The Wild West Meets the 21st Century in our Bounty Tournaments

A bounty tournament is one in which half the buy in fee goes toward a bounty on the player.  If that player is eliminated from the tournament, his or her bounty goes to the player that eliminated them.

In a progressive bounty tournament, half the bounty a player wins goes to their stack and half goes as an increased bounty on their own heads!

Sit and Go Tournaments

The Sit and Go tournaments at Juicy Stakes start as soon as the last person required for the game to start registers.  These are purely elimination tournaments so they often finish in an hour or so.

Sit and Go tournaments are perfect poker games for players who want a lot of action in a short period of time!  If you need to clear your head from that work project that is dominating your time, a Sit and Go tournament may be the perfect diversion.

We offer several different kinds of Sit and Go tournaments so you are sure to find one that is perfect for you!

The Sunday Sundowner Can Make You a Ten Thousandaire!

It’s not a million dollars but we have expanded the previous top prize at our popular Sunday Sundowner tournament from $4500 to $10000 and this new level of prize money has proven so popular that we are continuing it indefinitely.

At Juicy Stakes FPP Stands for Frequent Player Points

Most online casino give comp points for every game gamers play.  At Juicy Stakes Poker, we felt that comp points should be more in line with poker so we award Gold Chips!  You can redeem Gold Chips in several ways.

  1. With 20 Gold Chips, you can get $5.
  2. Save your Gold Chips until they reach 100 and you’ll get $25.
  3. With 400 Gold Chips your reward is $100.

And you don’t have to be in your Golden Years to accumulate and redeem your Golden Chips!

Depositor Freeroll

By depositing a minimum of $25 this month, you will get an invitation to play in the Depositor Freeroll next month.  The more you deposit and play at either the poker room or the online casino, the greater are your chances in the freeroll.

The FPP Race

Every week we give away $4000 to ten top FPP players. You can be on the leaderboard when you can play for an extended period of time one week.

Juicy Stakes also offers daily freerolls and a rakeback program.  The rakeback program is especially good for low stakes players who feel that the small rake on small pots has cut into their bottom line too much.  For poker players at higher stakes, the $3 maximum rake per pot is less troublesome but if every pot you win has a $3 rake, the 36% rakeback deal can amount to some serious rakeback!

Does Juicy Stakes Offer an Online Casino, Too?

We see that you caught the couple of references to our online casino in the detail about all the Juicy Stakes promotions!  Kudos to you!

It is true that we offer both an online casino and a poker room.

Extra! Extra! Read All about It!

Juicy Stakes Poker also offers a broad library of articles on all things poker!  The library of articles grows by about 2-3 articles per week.  If you are looking to join and get your own Juicy Stakes login, you will find the poker library very informative.  It can and should spark a commitment to learning as much as you can about poker!

Remember, we pay our bills for the poker room through the rake so we root for every player to win!  The poker articles section is designed to help every player here at Juicy Stakes a winner!


What is an online poker room?

We are used to seeing poker movies where the game is played at a land based poker room or casino.  That is clearly the only way to show a poker game in a movie.  However, most poker these days is played online.  That’s the reality of the internet and the high cost for most poker players of travelling to a land based poker room.

An online poker room is a place to play against real opponents from the comfort of your home.  As such, you can find yourself playing against players from many different countries!  Online poker has many advantages over poker on land.

Does Juicy Stakes offer different poker variations?

Yes we do.

We mainly offer Texas Holdem and Omaha.  The most significant aspect of poker at Juicy Stakes is that we offer micro-stakes poker with penny blinds and high roller poker with blinds in the thousands of dollars.

Why does Juicy Stakes offer so many promotions?

There are just a few categories of promotions.  One is poker tournaments.  We offer so many tournaments that many poker players play only tournaments with low to zero buy in fees and low prize money pools.  These are the poker as entertainment people.

We also have many players who play a more serious version of poker.   These are the players who would buff granny if she were in the game!

We offer deposit bonuses and Frequent Player Points.  We offer a rakeback to players who want to join that program.  We offer safe and secure banking and playing!

Is it good to play poker every day?

This is a subjective question that each individual has to answer for himself or herself.  We recommend that every player assess their time and money budgets.  Playing poke online at Juicy Stakes for 30 minutes a day is usually fine for most people.  Of course, if you have family and work obligations, you might be able to play only once a week.  That’s fine too!

One of the most fascinating subjects that relates strictly to online poker is the tells that online poker players can detect and use to win!

We hope that you have decided to join Juicy Stakes Poker NOW and to get your own login!