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Hey big spenders, we have news for you.  Juicy Stakes Casino has a suite of roulette games with high table limits, a wide range of bet types and chilled out tunes.  All are as good as the next but the Zoom Roulette variant is a beast unto itself… and we will tell you why!

The 3rd Most Popular Game at the Casino

Now, if you are a gambler at heart, you will know roulette is the third most popular casino game after slots and blackjack.  We are not referring to any one gambling jurisdiction here.  Oh no, roulette is huge and that applies to the entire world – on land and in the wide expanses of cyberspace.

It is the essence of the casino, not only as a visual centrepiece – but in terms of sound.  The click of the ball as it travels around the wheel evokes feelings of excitement and thrilling anticipation.  It is a sound that is synonymous with gambling – right here at Juicy Stakes Casino, and in the plush gaming halls in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

Zoom Roulette is as ‘Real’ as it Gets

We all know the best online gambling experience is one that emulates the real-life activities at the Bellagio, the Colony Club or the Casino Café de Paris.  At Juicy Stakes Casino we attempt to do exactly that – and our Zoom Roulette variant is our flagship game in this regard.

As far as physical presence goes, the limitations of the remote gambling platform have been offset by technology.  When you play table games online at Juicy Stakes Online Casino you may not have tactile access to the cards, casino chips or the green felt table itself but you are guaranteed an immersive gambling session.

Enjoy Enhanced Visuals at Juicy Stakes Casino

Thanks to the rapid advancement of a host of technologies, you will find the 3D graphics are more real than virtual.  Animations are smooth and sophisticated.  What is more, in Zoom Roulette the eyeball access to the action is actually enhanced by zoom functionality.

The Impact of Zoom Functionality on the Game

How does the zoom functionality impact the game?  It projects a close-up of the section of the wheel where the ball has landed.  That of course means there is no ambiguity around the outcome of each spin.  It also means players with below par vision do not have to squint at the screen to see the action play out.

You may be lounging on your sofa wearing nothing more than your PJs… but when you play Zoom Roulette at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, you will feel as though you really are at a brick-and-mortar casino.  The lounge music, the ball clattering around the wheel and the outsized close-up of the winning numbers are enough to challenge anyone’s view of reality.

Player Oriented Game Features

Besides the close-up view of the wheel, the winning number is enlarged and displayed in a separate window in either white or red denoting the colour of the pocket.  If you have a betting system in mind that is based on the previous outcomes, you can always refer to the history window adjacent to the winning number display.

What is more, there is a text box at the bottom left of the layout that notifies you of the exact amount of your winnings.  With a number of bets in play that pay out at different odds, it is often quite difficult to calculate what you have in fact won – and that is why playing roulette online at Juicy Stakes Casino is such a high-end experience.

That is basically it as far as the features go in Zoom Roulette.

Standard and French Roulette Bets

We may have covered the features but there is another equally pleasing anomaly that is unique to the game.  Besides the conventional roulette bets – number, split, street, corner, line, dozen, column and red or black, high or low or even and odd – you can play an abbreviated version of the French bets.

Cover Up to 17 Numbers with One Combination Bet

What is the big deal about the French bets?  They are basically a combination of bets that allow you to cover a larger percentage of the wheel.  With the French bets you can cover up to 17 numbers with a single combination bet.

Advance with Caution

Unlike the majority of roulette games at Juicy Stakes Casino, Zoom Roulette features two layouts – the standard layout and the race track shaped layout lying just below the wheel.  It is on this unique layout that you place the French bets – but we recommend caution.  These bets can deplete your bank roll comparatively quickly, especially when you hit an extended cold streak.

Zoom Roulette Table Limits and the Zero Rule

We mentioned the high table limits in Zoom Roulette… but we didn’t tell you what they are.  In reality, they are exactly the same limits you will find in the Betsoft Gaming version of European Roulette – $3 to $500 a spin!

Here is another reason to play Zoom Roulette at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  When the ball lands in the zero pocket and you have bet on the even money outside bets – red or black, odd or even or high or low – you get half your stake back.  When you bet on the zero and it comes in, you get paid out at odds of 35:1.

If you want a high-tech gaming experience that is close to real life, sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino and play Zoom Roulette.  You won’t be disappointed.


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